How to prepare your room for lucid dreaming


Lucid dreaming, being able to be aware of and control your dreams, is a skill that can unlock one’s mind and unleash their brain’s full potential. The best part is, everyone can learn how to lucid dream. But as with all skills, preparation is key to success, and one big factor to be able to succeed in lucid dreaming is preparation. Your bedroom needs to be prepared adequately to be able to improve your chances at, and your quality of lucid dreaming. The more factors you can control, the better your lucid dreaming will be. 
Controlling lights
Lights can be a critical factor in lucid dreaming. Some people can sleep through lights (TV lights, nightlights, hallway lights) but any fluctuation in these sources of illumination can easily interrupt your sleep and your lucid dreaming. Outside lights from windows can also affect your sleep, as well as sudden flashes of light from your mobile device when someone tries to contact you or when a social media notification pops up.
The best way to control lights in your room is to simply turn them off. Even small lights, such as the ones from your PC speakers or your power strip, may seem like it won’t disturb you, but in the darkness of night those lights can easily be like the sun. So turn those off as well, or cover them properly.
If it is critical for your mobile device to always be on, put the brightness at the lowest setting, and place them face down on your table or under a pillow. And if you cannot sleep without a nightlight or a TV on, it is best to have a nightlight with a diffuser, and in the TV’s case, put it on a channel that is calm and soothing.



Controlling sounds
Light can easily be controlled and blocked. Sound, on the other hand, is much more difficult. Anyone can knock on your door loudly and just put a damper on your sleep, or a police siren or wailing cats from the outside can jar you from your dreaming. And if you forget to put your mobile on silent and someone calls, it’ll be trouble.
One good item to have to reduce sound from the outside is curtains. Good curtains placed over your windows not only helps reduce lights coming in, it also absorbs the sound waves. The thicker the curtains, the more sound reduction you get. Putting your phone on silent is a no-brainer, but one thing that people usually forget is the humble “do not disturb” sign. Hang one in front of your door if you live with other people, and voila!
And finally, if you really need to drown out the sound, noise cancelling headphones are available and there are some that are shaped well and can be used for sleeping.
Setting the mood
Lastly, mood settings can also play a part in lucid dreaming, and these depend on what can get your relaxed and be at peace. You can have scented candles or incense, which serve both as a way to make the room fragrant, and as mood lighting. You can also have music played, whether through speakers or headphones. Binaural beats are very potent in this regard, which can quickly relax and open your mind for lucid dreaming. One example of a relaxing binaural beats track is in the video below, and you can already use it when you sleep tonight to feel its benefits.
Preparing your room this way also sets the stage for astral projection and OBEs (out of body experiences) which we'll talk about very soon. So stay tuned!
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