How To Maximize The Benefits Of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are music tracks that can yield a lot of benefits, from relaxation and stress-reduction, to increasing your productivity and creativity, to making your focus and work drive much better, and even physical effects like improving your self-healing, increasing your athletic and physical performance, and more. This is possible thanks to how binaural beats work: it is able to reproduce specific brainwave patterns, at desired combinations, which yield the results. But as amazing as binaural beats are on their own, their effects can be improved even more so, by following some guidelines.

Following a schedule
While binaural beats can be listened to right when they are needed, they become even more beneficial when following a schedule. Just like any other treatment, regular use is better than sporadic, once-in-a-while listening, especially when long-term benefits are desired. Here are some suggested schedules for listening to binaural beats to maximize their benefits.
Mornings before starting the day – listening to a binaural beats track to increase energy, improve the mood, and lift the spirits are best done at the start of the day, so the benefits carry over to the whole day's activities.
During study/work time – binaural beats that help in memory, increasing cognitive capabilities, creativity, and more, are best listened to when you're actually working or studying. This allows your mind to open up, and work at maximum capacity, on the spot for all the information you need to process.



1 hour before physical activities – tracks that help improve athletic ability, increase calorie burn for workouts, and heighten the libido and sex drive, are best used an hour or so prior to the activity. This will give the proper mental boost for your mind to be able to control the body properly, whether subconsciously through muscle memory, or consciously in learning new physical skills.
1 hour before eating – tracks that aim to curb appetite or control the diet are best used before eating.
Before and/or during sleeping/meditation – tracks that help with insomnia, promote lucid dreaming, or calm the mind during meditation are listened to before or during the activity. This primes the mind to either keep clear of all thought, promote visuals and imagery, or simply lull you to sleep.
As mentioned above, don't simply use these when you need to or sporadically. Try to have a regular schedule for long term goals to maximize the benefits of binaural beats tracks you have.

Proper setup (equipment, venue)
To be able to enjoy binaural beats properly, you need to have the right equipment and a venue that is suited for the track.
First, binaural beats work specifically by delivering two differing tones to the brain, with one passing through each ear to be combined by the brain. So it is essential to have the right pair of headphones or earphones for the task.
Headphones that are not too tight, too heavy, or too cumbersome are the best. A pair of headphones that is not comfortable will distract you constantly, and can hinder the mind from absorbing and processing the tracks.
Next, make sure these headphones have a full range of bass, treble, and frequency capabilities. The best headphones will go as low as 20Hz bass, and up to 20kHz treble. These frequencies are the lowest and the highest our ears can truly hear, and with binaural beats combining a wide array of tones, it is imperative that these ranges are reached.
And then, make sure these headphones or earphones are durable. Since you may end up listening to tracks while you sleep, a pair with poor and fragile wiring will break eventually, so it is important to make sure the wires are durable. Not just the wires themselves, but where they are attached or attaching to.
Finally, listen to your favorite music track (doesn't have to be a binaural track.) If it sounds perfect for you, then the headphones are right for your ears.
In terms of venue, the best places are those that do not have any outside noise that can distract you from your listening experience. If you have your own office, you can place curtains on the windows and doors to reduce outside noise, or if you have a cubicle, you can opt to find a conference room that's unused, and have your short listening session there. At home is much easier, but pet dogs and cats, neighbors, and other things can cause noise and distraction. A good way to prevent this is to get noise reducing or noise canceling headphones instead. A bit pricier, but well worth the money.
Lastly, don't listen to binaural tracks when you cannot sit or relax comfortably. Even at work, sitting on a proper chair helps a lot instead of sitting on the cold floor with nothing to lean back on.
Being in the right mindset
Lastly is having the right mindset. While binaural beats can work wonders to a willing mind, an unwilling mind is much much harder to treat. What we mean by this is that, a binaural beats track for relaxation and stress is a very potent track, but if the mind is actively wanting to think about many different things and focus on the distractions instead, the track will have a reduced effect. Same can be said for tracks that promote other things, like athletic ability. A mind that is not thinking about what it wants to improve, and instead loses focus and thinks of an athletic diet, may end up receiving little to no benefit at all.
Using a binaural beats track means keeping an open mind and letting the process take its course. Let it, and you'll enjoy the benefits very soon!

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