How To Map Out A Life Plan With Lucid Dreaming


Sometimes, we reach a point wherein we feel like our life has no set route to take, and it leaves us feeling uncertain about the future. Oftentimes when this happens, people suggest that one should have a “life plan”, or a roadmap of what to do, what to achieve, and what to reach for in order to get to where we want to be. It is a detailed description of your decisions, intentions, hopes and dreams for your future. But even coming up with a life plan can be a challenge in itself, especially when things are often uncertain or if we’re filled with doubt and fear. This is where lucid dreaming can help.

How Will Lucid Dreaming Help

Lucid dreaming allows the dreamer to be in control of their dreams, to do anything from practice life and work skills to traveling to distant lands to even experiencing living a different life. And these are the elements of lucid dreaming that can precisely help with mapping out a life plan: testing!
Any decision, situation, and scenario that can be thought of involved in the path of the life plan can be tested and experienced in lucid dreaming, and can give the dreamer an insight on to how to solve problems, go about tasks, and how it feels to succeed when milestones are gained. This can give the dreamer the chance to foresee their life plan if it is truly what they want, and make adjustments if necessary!
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How To Map Out A Life Plan

The first thing to do when mapping out a life plan is to accept the fact that change might be needed, in varying degrees that may be uncomfortable, at first. We have a previous article detailing how to make changes for the better, which you may find here, that can help with this aspect of the planning process.

But in general, here are 5 easy steps in mapping out a life plan.

1.)    Understand your wants and needs and what makes you happy – what exactly do you want and need for your life? What can make your life happy? List down all aspects of it, your physical life, emotional life, spiritual life, and how they intertwine with one another. List everything down and be truthful to yourself, don’t hold back. After all, this is your life!

2.)    List down all your strengths and skills – what are you good at? What are you passionate about that you can back up with skills and talents? It is imperative to be honest with yourself about your own strengths and weaknesses, as it is these strengths that will bring you ever closer to your goals and keep you moving forward with your life plan.

3.)    Outline your solid goals, think two to three steps ahead – don’t just write “I want to be happy.” Consider steps 1 and 2, and list goals that will lead to other elements that will make you happy. For example, a man passionate about arts and is good at painting may have a goal that says “I want to create paintings that will sell in galleries and bring me money to buy a house in 5 years”, instead of just saying “I want to paint and earn.” And make sure to make these goals detailed once an initial outline is made. With the given example above, it can be made even more detailed by adding the names of the galleries where the artwork will be sold, what kind of paintings will be made, and what kind of house and how big is the goal.

4.)    Make sure your life plan addresses all your wants and goals – a life plan is not just about career, or passions, or monetary success. A life plan should address all the aspects of your life, in order to bring you true happiness.

5.)    Test out the plan in lucid dreams! – once you have your life plan mapped out, with all the steps you intend to take, you can regularly fine tune and tweak the plan by lucid dreaming it! For example, if your life plan includes something like “I want to be happy composing music and performing in bars around town for money and fulfillment”, you can test this scenario in your dreams and see how you will feel about it. Did it make you happy experiencing it? Keep it in the plan! Did it feel like it lacks something? Find out and add it to the plan. Was it not what you thought it would be? Then remove it or change the plan!

Regularly lucid dreaming one’s life plan will be beneficial in seeing whether or not what you thought you want to achieve will actually give you the happiness you seek, before you set out to be on the path. Just be sure you are able to lucid dream properly! This binaural beats track for lucid dreaming can definitely help.

In this new track that we have created, we have formulated the binaural beats and isochronic tones to the brainwave frequencies between 13Hz down to 1Hz, with a carrier frequency of 136.1Hz. This bracket of brainwaves are mostly in the Theta region, where it provides deep relaxation and creativity. They are also found active during a person's dreaming state, where the mind becomes busy with imagery.

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