How To Be Part Of Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, And Books With Lucid Dreaming

Many of us are fans of certain film, book, and TV series, because of the worlds that they have and the characters that inhabit them. Whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, or romance, or a bit of both, these fictional worlds are a draw to many people, but oftentimes they are only experienced on the media they are presented at: on the movie screen, on TV, or on paper. But what if there was a way to be part of these worlds, and experience what the characters do? Or even better, be a character in it as well? Well, you can, with lucid dreaming!

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a dreamstate in which you are aware that you are dreaming, and as such have the ability to dictate what you will be doing and what you will be experiencing in the dream. Pretty much you are in control! And while some people use lucid dreaming to time travel, or even have lucid dream sex with people they are attracted to, fans of fictional worlds can opt to use lucid dream to be part of their favorite universes and experience them fully.



Some people do so as a character in the story, experiencing what other characters do. Others change the story to suit their desires (this is especially important for Game of Thrones lucid dreamers who have had their hearts broken way too many times due to slain characters) and others simply spectate and watch the story unfold from up close.

Regardless of how they want to use lucid dreaming, lucid dreamers who want to experience their movies, shows, and books, will be able to do so with enough practice.
Using soundscapes of different atmospheric textures to help create your ideal space setting, this album also uses frequencies from the Theta Range that promotes fantasy, imagery, creativity, access to the subconsciousness, and also frequencies from the Alpha Range that promote relaxation, dream enhancers and sleep aids.

Basic steps
Setting up this kind of lucid dream experience starts long before sleeping time. In fact, the more you reinforce your mindset, the higher the chances of getting the lucid dream you want. The steps below assume that you are already somehow experienced with lucid dreaming, but if you aren’t yet, read this basic guide to learn how to lucid dream.

1.)    Set your lucid dream intention early – To instill the idea of lucid dreaming your favorite fictional fantasy world, it is very advisable to start early in the day. This can be done a number of different ways, from simply constantly reminding yourself that “tonight, I will dream about…” to something more powerful like actually watching the movie or show or reading the book with a lot of focus. The options that will be available will vary depending on whether or not you have a busy day, so pick the right one for you. The most important thing is that the fictional world you want to experience is in your head already. Learn more about setting your lucid dream intentions in our previous discussion here. 
2.)    Set your room up properly - No use having the lucid dream intention done for the day if your room will be a distraction in itself and pull you out of sleeping. Set your room up properly to induce lucid dreaming faster and better. Our basic guide on how to do this can be found here, but basically the idea is to drown out possible distractions (noise, lights, nosy roommates/neighbors) and to set the mood and environment (proper lighting, music, other sensory stimuli.) This will relax your mind and body better to have a lucid dream experience.
3.)    Perform your reality checks properly – Once you’re sleeping and dreaming, it is important to perform your reality checks ASAP. These are what will trigger the lucid dream. There are many ways to do reality checks, some of which can be found here in our guide. The faster you do a reality check, the sooner you can experience the dream the way you want to!
4.)    Relish the experience, confront the negatives – Once you’re dreaming, enjoy it! Do what you set out to do and do it well. But just like in any story, sometimes bad things happen, and a lucid dream can have nightmarish elements. Rather than scare you, do what your fictional heroes do: confront it! This can be part of the story as well.
5.)    Record your dream after – Just like a movie, tv, or book series, it’s impossible to finish everything in just one lucid dream experience. To be able to easily get back to your favorite fictional worlds, record your dreams in a lucid dream journal. This will not only help you remember and relive your dream experience during the day, you can also use it as part of your lucid dream intention as indicated in step 1!

There’s one more thing you can do to enhance the lucid dream experience -  use a binaural beats track for lucid dreaming to help induce the images you wish to see, like this one:


Using a complex series of binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies, we have divided this music track into four parts. The first part will bring you into a state of deep relaxation, creative inspiration for imagery that you will use for your dreams, and introductory frequencies to help trigger lucid dreams. The second part starts in the Theta range and drops slowly down to the Delta, where deep sleep and lucid dream frequencies can be found. Here, you will have decreased awareness of the physical world and can give an awake awareness to your subconsciousness. The third and fourth parts will continue to flow up and down these Theta and Delta ranges, but focusing more on enhanced inner awareness and easy access to inner resources that will help create the dreamscape. In a spiritual level, these will help you seek inner peace and self-renewal.

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