How Do You Dispel Negative Energy From Other People?

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How Do You Dispel Negative Energy From Other People?

- Some Quick Tips to Protect Yourself -

Are you an emotionally sensitive person? An empath perhaps?

For those people who are extremely sensitive and who can be highly emotional may want to place protective rainbow layers around themselves, because empaths are likely to experience the world through the metaphysical receptors of their hearts, which can be challenging and emotionally heavy or painful; picking up and absorbing energy everywhere they go, which is why it is very essential for them to have strong boundaries of protection. It is absolutely important for those who are empathic to envision a positive energy at all times as a psychic shield.

Most people want to attain a state of mind in which we control our own emotions. This is what we call, emotional freedom. Sometimes we feel negative emotions such as anger, fear, depression, etc. From an active outlook, these can originate from several sources. What you are feeling may be your own, or it may be from someone else's or a combination. These are a type of energy that can be transferred from one person to another and you can possibly get these energies without noticing it.

To disengage yourself from unwanted negative emotions, here are some strategies that you could apply:

  • First, ask yourself: Is the sudden change in emotion mine or from others? It could be both. Try to locate the source of that feeling. For instance, you went to a concert, you were loud and happy yet you came home feeling sad and blue. Could be exhaustion brought by the high-energy felt from the concert or you may have picked up the low-energy of the people beside you. It's quite intriguing how our energy fields connects with everything around us.

  • Distance yourself from the alleged source. Change course at least twenty feet away and for a few minutes, assess yourself if you are already okay. In a public place, don’t hesitate to change place if you are not comfortable with the people near you.

  • For a few minutes, focus yourself by absorbing on your breath that connects your inner peace. Keep exhaling negativity and inhale serenely with calmness. This helps you relieve and get rid of fear or other difficult emotions.

  • Practice loving-kindness meditation to release stress. It’s comforting and builds a sense of safety and cheerfulness.

  • Protect yourself.  Block those negativities or physical discomfort but allow those positive emotions to flow through you.

  • Be attached to those people with positive outlook and handle such situations positively. Call a friend that has a good influence in you. Spend time with a colleague who upholds positivity. Listen to optimistic people. Hope is contagious and it will boost your mood.

  • Take a cold shower and visualize the water washing away those negative energies. This is another form of energy cleansing.

  •  Meditate regularly.

Meditation can also be very helpful for getting focused within yourself and getting to know what is going on within you. The most interesting thing about evolving and improving empathic abilities is learning to distinguish between what feelings, sensations and emotions are yours, and what belongs to someone or something else.

Follow these strategies and make it a habit. It will help you to understand that everything takes time and you have to keep going. It’s natural to encounter problems in the beginning, but these difficulties will make you a more positive person as you move forward.

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