Dreaming With Delta: What Are Delta Waves And What Are Its Benefits?

Brainwave therapy is the main purpose of binaural beats and brainwave entertainment, using specific brainwaves to induce benefits and promote feelings of wellness and mental health. We have previously talked about brainwaves, specifically, what Alpha Waves and Beta Waves are and what are their benefits. Next up, let’s talk about Delta Waves!

What are Delta Waves?

Discovered in the early 1900s by a man named W. Grey Walter, Delta Waves are associated with the very deepest levels of sleep, relaxation, and peace of mind.


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Operating at a frequency range of 0-4Hz (the slowest of all the brainwaves), Delta Waves are what cause sleep to be restorative, which allow the person to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It is also important for the healing process –through the release of various hormones during sleep-, and is what controls many of the body’s unconscious functions, like the heartbeat, digestion, breathing, and many other things we don’t often think about, but actually need.  As such, it is also associated with loss of consciousness and physical awareness.

Benefits of Delta Waves


  1. Deep sleep and healing – the main benefit of Delta Waves is allowing the person to get a good night’s sleep, which allows the body to heal itself and rest and revitalize the mind. Without it, a person will wake up feeling lethargic and weak instead of recharged. In some cases, Delta Waves even help slow down the aging process, through the production of hormones like DHEA and melatonin, which affects the skin, bodily functions, and overall well-being. It also helps produce natural human growth hormone by the pituitary gland, which also helps restore the body (and for athletes and people who love to workout, reap the benefits of the day’s efforts), as well as improve the immune system to further protect the body from sickness and illness.
  2. Regular bodily functions – Delta Waves control all of the body’s activities that we are not conscious of. Proper heartbeat, proper kidney functioning, proper liver functioning, proper breathing, proper digestion, etc. Having a good dose of Delta Waves makes sure that everything is in-sync and of good working order. And this is important. Because while we can stop ourselves from tripping over something and avoiding injury, we have no control of how kidneys go and function. So we are relying on our body to simply function well. 
  3. Increase in empathy and intuition – a good production of Delta Waves allows the person to care more and empathize more with people, generally leading to being more receptive to their problems and being more willing and fulfilled to help them. It also helps to further accept and understand other people’s emotions, relate to their problems, and think of ways to help. Included in this is an increase in one’s intuition, which in scientific terms is the body’s natural response to certain events or activities. Intuition allows the person to tap into the body’s natural capabilities and the mind’s expectations, thus allowing for better decision making when it comes to “trusting your gut.”

Those are the main benefits of Delta Waves. But like with anything, too much can be a disadvantage as well. Having too much Delta Waves can cause people to lose focus; remember, Delta Waves are associated with relaxation and sleep, so having too much may cause the person to have difficulty retaining information or focusing on the task at hand. This is commonly associated with various learning disabilities and even ADHD in people and kids.
So the solution here is to produce just enough Delta Waves!

How To Get Good Delta Waves

One natural way to regulate your Delta Waves (that is, get a good amount, not too much, not too little) is through meditation. Specifically, deep meditation. While this can be quite a task to do, it is a very good method. We will be discussing different meditation techniques in a separate blog post.

Another is through listening to binaural beats. We have already discussed how binaural beats work, and there are binaural beats tracks for deep sleep using delta waves that you can listen to, like this one!


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