Dream Fitness: How To Use Lucid Dreams For Weight Loss

Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for the mind. It allows the dreamer to take control of what they dream about, and have amazing experiences as they sleep. But as we discussed before, lucid dreaming is so much more than that. Such a power can be used for many different things, and one of them is something that many people are struggling with these days: fitness and weight loss. Sounds unbelievable that lucid dreaming can help you lose weight and get fit? Let’s explore the idea further.
First thing’s first – the dreaming process itself is not the only component of this method. While lucid dreaming an intense dream (such as a triathlon) causes the heart and respiratory system to react, and therefore burn some calories, it won’t be as much as actually doing a triathlon in the waking world. So if that’s the case, “what’s the point?” you might ask? The point is, it’s all about conditioning.
Diet through dreaming
There is a saying: you can’t out exercise a bad diet. And most of the time, a bad diet is because of intense cravings that people have for certain kinds of foods or dishes, whether their body actually needs it or not. There are many causes of mental cravings for food, from stress due to work or school, to a coping mechanism for sadness or loss, or just simple desire for something delicious. We’ll explore this more in a future discussion. But either way, the effects are the same: when we eat excessively beyond what our body needs, it stores it as fat, and we pack on the pounds.
Lucid dreaming can help in this by allowing our mind, a big component in the food craving, to be satisfied, without having to affect the body. How? By lucid dreaming about eating!


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Many studies have shown that dreamers have felt lesser and lesser food cravings while they are awake by lucid dreaming about eating the dishes they desire, often in excessive numbers. There are a number of ways this is done.
Eating until satisfied – The dreamer dreams about the foods they want to feast on, and enjoys it in a manner that will satisfy their mental food craving. Once this is reached, they stop.
Eating until sick – The dreamer dreams about the foods they want, and eats excessively, until they are either sick of the taste, or simply too full to continue.
Eating with consequence – The dreamer eats what they desire, but then also dreams about the consequences of such action, like suddenly seeing their legs and bellies grow, or feel difficulty in walking or moving.
Either way, once the dreamer is up and awake, the association carries over in real life, whether it’s through simply satisfied food cravings, or actually being sick and scared of overeating. And this helps in curbing waking world gluttony.
Exercise through dreaming
Exercising, or the prospect thereof, can really turn some people off from fitness. Whether it is because the movements are hard and need getting used to, or that exercise just takes up too much time, this is yet another obstacle in getting fit. But lucid dreaming can help in that too, same as the diet.
A lucid dreamer who wants to exercise can start, or continue, their journey in the dream. For example, the dreamer started doing running as a fitness routine. If in real life they can only manage a mile or two, whether due to low energy, unpracticed movements, or boring scenery, in the dream they can go indefinitely and run in a landscape that is just breathtaking. But the benefit goes beyond that. In the dream, the dreamer can practice their running stride, practice proper breathing, and most importantly, condition their mind to actually enjoy the run instead of think of it as a laborious endeavor. When they wake up, the feeling carries over!
This can be applied for any exercise routine or method that is causing fear or anxiety to the dreamer. Fear lifting heavy weights? Lucid dream about how easy it can be. Don’t like the idea of doing martial arts? Lucid dream about being trained by Bruce Lee! Once the mind is conditioned to not just tolerate, but actually enjoy exercising, the effects will ripple out in the waking world. And remember: the exercise in the dream also causes the body to react, so it also burns calories on its own!
Whether dieting or exercising via lucid dreaming, the effects can be enhanced even further by listening to a binaural beats track for exercise and getting fit, like this one: 
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