10 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

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10 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


Are you happy with your life now? Are you happy of what you are now? Are you contented of what you have right now? These are heavy questions that we need to indulge deeply in ourselves. There are some people living their lives differently but they are happy. You have read it right, YES! They are HAPPY! They are living differently in a good manner. Some people are happier than others but it doesn’t mean they don’t have problems or difficulties, what they did are they changed their attitude and choose to be happy. Leave the past behind and courageously embrace the future ahead and aim for success. Success builds more success in future.


Having trouble loving yourself and facing problems in your life? Read these tips and it will surely change your perspective.

  • Stop trying to impress other people. The fear of social judgment wears many masks: shame, shyness, etiquette, perfectionism, and etc. Whatever it is, its effect is to limit, to pressure, to tighten. Why are we so concerned about what others think of us? Fear of social judgment also makes people think small. Achieving anything big is going to annoy some people, who will try to discourage you. If you encounter this type of people, don’t let them get in your way! Don’t pretend, instead, choose to be honest.
  • Do what you want and believe in yourself. Think of the things you want to do and don’t be afraid to do it but not because you think you have to do it. Start each day with positive energy and finish your day with lots of experience.
  • Love your friends but don’t rely on them. Be thankful for your friends who accepts and helps you. Appreciate each person you have in your life. You inspire each other’s lives. But don’t wait nor ask your friends to do something for you. Take the responsibility in yourself. Accept help or support from them but don’t demand. Live your life by your own. Don’t be too dependent to your friends, it may lead you to disappointments and sometimes it can cause misunderstandings or worst it ruins friendship.


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  • Take the best in the moment and build your future. 
  • Live in the moment with no regrets about past or worries about future. Take each mistake as a lesson and grow through them. Build your future, dream big and take real action to achieve the goals. Don’t see success and failure as black and white. Happy people know that there is really no such thing as a complete failure even when things don’t go according to plan. Appreciate the opportunity for self-growth, the experience gained and the lessons learned.
  • Be specific but not close-minded. You have to understand what you are really seeking through attaining goals is a success, and success can come to you in many different ways. You may set on a particular career, partner or lifestyle, but be also an open-minded enough to spot other opportunities that comes your way which would provide the same feeling of fulfillment, just in an unpredicted manner.
  • Speak about positive things and stand your own principle. Learn to balance your energy and time. What to remember and how to fill the given day. Choose to see the positive things and speak about them. If you have nothing to say, give your smile to everyone and be thankful. Live your life by whatever philosophy you wish as long as you found truths that satisfy you but don’t be judgmental.
  • Discover something new each day. Whatever you have achieved, always remember that there are no borders or limits in the universe, in yourself and in your own life. Take a break and discover something new to reveal the beauty within and share it with others. Take time to travel, try new food or meet people. Treasure those beautiful moments and enrich your soul.
  • Enjoy the nature and be creative. Search your own melody, harmony, and inner peace. Spend time in nature to renew inner balance and get some inspiration. Be creative to discover your potential and don’t be afraid to use it creatively. Feel the touch of the wind, nourish the sunshine and listen to the birds singing. Let nature nurture your soul in freedom and harmony.
  • Take risks and don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid from failures, instead brighten up yourself and be cheerful in every situation. There is no room for wasting or missing opportunities. Just take it, live it and learn from it. Choose to be yourself all time even if somebody cannot understand you. Be brave enough to be unique and stop hiding and wear masks. Happy people have hopes, dreams and goals.
  • Don’t try to change others, instead learn to deal with them appropriately. Letting people be has not always come easy, and typically the problem reveals when certain expectations are not seen. Maybe expectations are really the problem. While it is ideal to be treated in a preferable way, everyone handles life differently.
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