The Four Seasons Relaxation & Meditation Album

Brainwave Power Music

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A collection of our original music tracks inspired by the Four Seasons, with each track having specific frequency purposes for meditation, relaxation, stress relief and overall well being.

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SPRING: Spring is a transitional season, a time of renewal, reawakening and new life. Using frequencies from Theta and Alpha waves, use this meditative and relaxing music for enhancing inner-awareness, facilitate and connect to inner resources, create space for inner peace and self-renewal. This can also be used for creative inspiration and motivation, spiritual connection, guided meditations, and overall relaxation and mood elevator. Using Uranus' orbit frequency of 207.36Hz, which promotes spontaneity, independence and originality, it also supports the power of surprise and renewal.

SUMMER: Summer is a time of light, joviality, expressionism and wholehearted action. Using the frequency of the sun, 136.1Hz, this promotes light, warmth and joy, giving the effects of calming, meditative, relaxing, and centering. It is also connected to the Heart Chakra, where it gives harmony with the cosmos and is associated with the soul. Using multiple frequencies in the lower Theta range, this promotes fantasy, creativity, dreaming, zen meditation, lowers mental fatigue and blood pressure, physical and emotional healing, purpose of life exploration, faith and inner wisdom and deep relaxation.

AUTUMN: Another season that symbolizes transformation and change, a time for counting our blessings and our joys. Using multiple frequencies in the higher Theta range, this promotes lucid dreaming, deep relaxation, sleep, spiritual connection and awareness, the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind, and creativity. Embedded are multiple frequencies in the Alpha range that gives the effects of detached awareness, light reverie and a gateway to meditation. And using Pluto's frequency of 140.25, this symbolizes power and change.

WINTER: Winter is the time of contemplation and going within. It invites us to quiet the mind, still the soul and crystallize our inner purpose and workings, to gain purity and clarity to our life's journey. Using multiple frequencies that connect to healing, deep meditation, and Earth Resonances, this music track aims to provide you with inner guidance, intuition, accelerated self-healing, feeling united with everything, a remedy to depression and anxiety, and feeling revitalized. With the Earth frequency of 194.71Hz as its carrier, this promotes stability and grounding and has a dynamic, stimulating and energizing effect on the mind and body. Take this time to reflect and be centered.

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