SLUMBERLAND: The Sleep Aid Album

Brainwave Power Music

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Better sleep, deep sleep, enhance dreams, astral projection and lucid dreaming.

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Full Astral Projection Track - Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming can be achieved best when it is practiced on a daily basis. Meditation plays a big part in achieving an out-of-body experience.

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3.4Hz Deep Sleep by The Ocean Shore - aimed at giving you a good deep sleep where you will feel refreshed upon waking. It also taps into the unconscious, the imagination, enhancing your dream experience and bringing forth spiritual love.

10-14Hz Induce Lucid Dreams with Pure Tone Binaural Beats - This amazing meditation tone is specially tuned to induce lucid dreaming. Listen to this tone every night before sleep with normal lucid dream inducing tactics for increased effect.

Deep Sleep Relaxing Music With Delta Waves - giving the effects of deep, sound sleep, reduces stress and aging, and is associated with the unconscious mind and sleep state. It also uses Neptune's frequency which is associated with the unconscious, secrets and the imagination.

Lucid Dreaming 2Hr Pure Tone Binaural Beat - embedded with frequencies from the Delta, Theta and Alpha range, this track was carefully formulated to assist in enhancing the dream experience and to trigger lucid dreaming. The mixed frequencies also provide a relaxed state of mind, feelings of pleasantry and of floating, creativity and awareness. It will also facilitate in the easy access to inner resources and creates space for inner peace and self-renewal.

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