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Music is Therapy. Therapy is the means to get well and heal, in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of a person. With this in mind, our music track called “The Mindful Breath” was created for stress relief, deep relaxation, meditation, recovery and can even be used alongside PTSD Normal Stress Response treatments. Using multiple binaural beats and isochronic tones that range from 7.83Hz to 12Hz, these are associated with the natural resonance of the Earth, grounding meditation, improves stress tolerance, gives peace of mind, helps in recovery in injuries, gives rejuvenating effects, and can leave you to feel revitalized and refreshed. It can also be used during study periods or work hours as it gives a calm state of mind. It promotes mental resourcefulness and good moods, and using the Sun’s binaural frequency of 136.1Hz, this is closely connected to the Heart chakra, which provides balance, harmony and peace within. Use daily and listen with or without headphones.

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