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"(Anti Jet Lag) - Remove Jet Lag - Jet Lag Cure with Binaural Beats"

This binaural beat music track was created to aid travelers, be it on the air, the ground or at sea, to make time seem to pass by quicker, or to be used as an ambient background while reading a book or napping.

Using a descending frequency formula of 12Hz down to 3.9Hz, and a carrier frequency of 90Hz, it is a soothing, relaxing audio accompaniment that promotes and enhances relaxation, mood elevation, stress relief, pleasant emotions, and feelings of well-being.

We hope this aids you well. Have a safe trip, wherever you may go!

[ This track, and any other binaural beat music, should NOT be listened to if YOU are driving. Binaural beats may cause extreme relaxation and less focus on the road ]

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