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Pure Tones with White Noise: “Talking With Myself” - Self-Reflection, Inner Peace, Deep Meditation

Open yourself towards a deeper sense of inner reflection with our pure tone brainwave entrainment track, “Talking With Myself”, that contains white noise for added relaxation. Using binaural beats from 3.9Hz to 12Hz, these are related to enhanced inner awareness, inner peace and self-renewal, awareness of the self and purpose, and is a gateway towards deep meditation. It provides centering and balancing, and will help to improve self expression. An isochronic tone of 7.5Hz helps to keep your busy mind calm, and the carrier frequency of 105Hz, which represents an overall view of a situation, all these combined can become a useful auditory assistant during your self-assessment sessions. Simply focus on the breath, release all physical tensions from your body, and allow your mind to wander in and out until you come to one that needs your full attention. Listen with headphones to achieve the best binaural beats effects, and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

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