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“DELIGHT” - Feel Good in 5 Minutes! Positive Release For Overall Balance, Remedy For Hangovers

Get positive release and booster your mood into a better, happier place with our simple music composition with brainwave entrainments that range from 5Hz to 10Hz, which are related to relaxed states, pain relief, enhances the release of serotonin, provides overall balance and centering, and with an isochronic tone of 38Hz, this is also related to the frequency that helps the endorphins to be released. This quick music track can even be used as a good remedy for hangovers. The carrier frequency of 111Hz is associated with beta endorphins and cell regeneration. These frequencies are associated with the natural endorphin release that provides good feelings and positive awareness. Listen with headphones to achieve the best brainwave entrainment results, and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

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