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Quick Motivation Frequency 183Hz “Boost Your Power To Success" - Be Confident, Achieve Your Goals

Influence your state of mind to feel confident and motivated with our 5-minute quick booster for Power and Success. Using binaural beats ranging from 4Hz to 14Hz, these are associated with attitude and behavior change, super learning, positive thinking, stress reduction, promotes alertness and focus, and is great to use for creative problem solving or accomplishing tasks. An isocrhonic tone of 10.5Hz relates to love of self, and the carrier of 183.58Hz, which is the Jupiter orbital frequency, promotes growth, success and supports creative power. Feel great and be great! Listen with headphones to get the best binaural beats effects, and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting. Use it before presentations, exams, speaking in front of a crowd, or any time during your work or study hours.

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