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Anger Management Music: "Let Go of Anger" - Calming,Behavior Change, Positivity, Soothing

Give yourself a quick relief from intense anger and feel the flow of calm with our vibratory music track that has binaural beats of 6.3Hz to 12Hz, an isochronic tone of 3.6Hz, and a carrier frequency of 136.1Hz, which all relate to reducing anger or irritability, light relaxation, positive thinking, stress reduction, good moods, and promotes mental balance, focus, and motivation to accomplish tasks at hand. Breathe deep as you listen to this music track and focus not on the problem (for now) but on your breathing pattern. Learn to let go of anger. Learn to accept and acknowledge this emotion, and learn to face it with a change of your state of mind. Our 5-minute music track was created to give you a quick boost of mood change to help you feel better instantly. Listen with headphones to get the best binaural beats effects and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

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