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Third Eye Activation: "Higher Realm Ascension " - Meditation, Focus, Spiritual, Chakra

Using the Crown chakra as the main spiritual energy point, our pure tone brainwave entrainment track aims to help you during your deep meditation sessions to experience ascension to a higher realm. Realms don’t necessarily mean other dimensions. These can be the levels of your own consciousness. Using binaural beats ranging from 1.45Hz to 20Hz, these are associated to stimulating your pineal gland, provides integration of personality and spirituality, and for physical effects, these can help relieve fatigue. With an isochronic brainwave frequency pulse of 83Hz, which can open the third eye, and a carrier of 221.23Hz, which connects directly to Venus’ planetary frequency, this stimulates higher love energy and aspirations for harmony. Listen with headphones to get the best brainwave entrainment effects, and always keep the volume at a low comfortable setting. We recommend using this track during your deep meditation sessions.

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