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Guardians of the Universe: “Out of Body Cosmic Journey” - Astra Projection, Deep Meditation, Chakras

WARNING: May cause dizziness due to the intensity of brainwave entrainments used.
Be a Guardian of the Universe and explore the cosmos through sound. This level of deep meditation requires knowledge and understandings of doing an astral projection. Our ""Out of Body Cosmic Journey"" is a music track that contains binaural beats ranging from 4Hz to 6.30Hz, sweeping isochronic tones of 26Hz-28Hz, and carrier frequencies of 63Hz-70Hz. These sweeping brainwave entrainments that make up this complex formula may cause nausea or headaches or sudden exhaustion, and we warn you to take precaution. It is best to listen to this during your deep meditation sessions as the frequencies are associated with astral projection and the ascension chakra. We recommend doing the “Om” chant as this may further enhance your astral experiences. The brainwave entrainments can also provide deep relaxation, and endorphin release. We also recommend activating all of your seven chakras first before doing this, and it is best to be knowledgable about aura shielding and grounding. Listen with headphones to get the best binaural beats effects, and always keep the volume at a low comfortable setting.

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