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Motivation Tones: "Living On Top Of The World" - Success, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Positivity

Feel empowered, successful and living on top of the world with our pure tone track that contains binaural beat frequencies ranging from 4Hz to 14Hz, an isochronic tone of 10.5Hz, and a carrier frequency of 183.58Hz, which are associated with attitude and behavior change, inner-awareness of the Self, light relaxation, super learning, positive thinking, creative problem solving, stress reduction, creativity enhancement, success and growth, supports creative power, accomplishment of tasks, and promotes alertness and motivation to reach goals. Listen with headphones to get the best binaural beats effects and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting. This track is ideal to be used during your meditation sessions, while you work or study, or best to use during internal focusing of the mind and your intentions to achieve power and success.

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