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The 8 Hour Lucid Dream Inducing Sleep Album
- An original music creation -


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Using a complex pattern of binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies dedicated to help you achieve good sleep and have lucid dreams, this 8-hour music track is divided into four unique sections.  

◢ In the first 2 hours we've used frequencies that range from 3-13Hz (Alpha-Theta range) to help calm your mind and feel deeply relaxed. There is a pleasurable feeling of floating and it will give effects such as stress reduction, relaxed awareness, release of serotonin, and an induction to sleep spindles as your mind and body allows itself into sleep. It also contains triggers for creativity and imagery and access to subconscious images as you doze off.

◢ The second and third sections contain more of the Theta waves, which are also present in dreaming, sleep, deep meditation and creative inspiration. As you have already fallen asleep, the binaural beats tap into your subconsciousness as your mind prepares itself into a lucid dream state. The music is more steady so as not to interrupt your sleep.

◢ The fourth and last section returns itself to the Alpha range with a mix of Theta and Delta. This is where deep sleep occurs and more often than not, the dream state. There is a decreased awareness of the physical world. This section also contains the Earth Resonance or Schumann Resonance, which will leave you feeling revitalized upon waking up.

In order to achieve Lucid Dreaming, please research on different tips found on our BLOG. Lucid Dreaming doesn't happen all at once, so patience is an important factor.

We also advise you to keep a dream journal near you. We hope you'll enjoy our first-ever 8 hour full audio track. Share with us your experiences in the comments section! We'd love to hear from you.

What is in this 8-hour music track?

  • A 4-part original music composition created by Brainwave Power Music and is made in high quality sound resolution MP3's.
  • Each part consists of a complex and carefully plotted pattern of binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies created to assist the listener to experience lucid dreams.
  • Embedded are "false awakening" sound triggers that ring at different times throughout the tracks. These are merely to enhance dreams to occur more than once in one session.
What should be expected while listening to this music track?
  • Tingling sensations on the body and the head.
  • Floating sensations.
  • Possibility of multiple dreams in one sleep session.

Simply put, a Lucid Dream is a dream-state wherein you, The Dreamer, realizes that you are dreaming. In this dream-state, you and your surroundings, or the entire dream scenario can become very vivid and realistic, that it will seem to affect even your senses. 

During lucid dreaming, YOU will always be in control of the dream. Everything is possible, from simple flying, to mind-boggling creations that seem to bend time and space and defy all rules of logic and physics. Done correctly and to its fullest potential, it is even possible to communicate with your own subconscious, which may push your own personal limits.

Lucid dreams are even more potent than normal dreams, turning into an alternate reality altogether where what you sense can be as real as it gets. So much so that you might think of it as actual reality itself! And this is often where people get divided into either being very fascinated, or being scared, but what we can say with certainty is this: done correctly, there is nothing to fear about lucid dreaming.
So why should we even try to lucid dream? Why not just leave your sleep and dreams alone and not risk something so powerful possibly harming you?
The most general reason to lucid dream is to simply unleash the full potential of your consciousness and your brainpower.
Now... Are you ready to start your Lucid Dream Journey?