Why Do We Have Recurring Dreams?



Our dreams are caused, and affected by, many things in our lives, from our memorable experiences, to unresolved issues in the past and the present, to fears about the future. Even the start of our lucid dreams, before we achieve lucidity, are affected the same way. But what happens when certain dreams repeat regularly, almost always exactly the same way? What are the causes of this and what can we do about it?

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Many experts believe that, because dreams are caused by our experiences and fears that a recurring dream is probably caused by the same triggers being unresolved or unfixed. A recurring dream sends a message for the dreamer that has been ignored, and will keep on repeating, saying “Pay attention to me!” until something is done about it. 


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There are basically two kinds of recurring dreams:

A pleasurable recurring dream, such as that of traveling to a magnificent place, or being intimate with someone specific, means something positive that needs to be addressed. For example, a recurring dream about a beautiful specific place might mean that the person needs to go on a vacation back to that place where they have been to, or to be in a place similar to have a positive effect on their life.

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As well, a dream about being intimate about someone specific, such as a celebrity or an athlete, may mean that the dreamer may need to pursue or integrate a specific aspect or feature, whether masculine or feminine, that the person being dreamt about represented. For example, being intimate with a specific athlete repeatedly might mean that the dreamer must improve their physicality or fitness.  As soon as the dreams stop, it may mean that the qualities they admired and desired from the person they’re dreaming about have been integrated into their lives already, one way or another. 

The second kind of recurring dream is much more unpleasant.

Recurring nightmares

From mild anxiety dreams to that of true terror, recurring nightmares also mean unresolved tasks and issues that need attention, or fears that need to be addressed. Especially notable are those who experienced trauma, such as returning soldiers or anyone who has PTSD; they will often have nightmares that replay the traumatic events they went through.

Achieving lucidity and facing these crippling nightmares head on can be a chance to improve the well-being of the dreamer, as a way to deal with the unresolved issues. For instance, a dream about being chased by something can be turned into a chance to build courage by being lucid, turning around, and facing the chaser head on. But the best way is to try and deal with the main cause of the recurring nightmare head on when you wake up.

However, milder anxiety dreams that are recurring often mean something easier to deal with in the waking world that need to be resolved fast, and sometimes the dreams still occur even after those tasks have been finished. This is often because the mind decompresses from the daily events it has processed, and is trying to clear itself for the next day.

Whether it’s a pleasant or unpleasant dream, recurring dreams speak messages that need to be heard. Listen to them and make your life better in the process! And when the dream is a nightmare, face it head on by lucid dreaming with the help of our lucid dream track.


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