The Benefits Of Binaural Beats In Treating Addictions

Things that we desire or things that make us happy can improve our way of life. Sometimes, when the desire becomes too strong, it can become unhealthy, and can turn into an addiction. But while some addictions can be tolerable, drug and alcohol addictions can become destructive, for both the addict and their loved ones. This is why it is important to treat addictions as soon as possible, and there are a number of ways to do it, including the use of binaural beats. 

When do cravings become addictions?

Depending on what is being craved for, a craving becomes an addiction after the body and mind becomes uncontrollably attracted to what is giving them satisfaction. Oftentimes, it becomes latched on to the subconscious. And when something is desired by the subconscious, it can be very hard to break free from it. 



One of the big reasons why addictions are so hard to break off of is the association between the addiction and the reward. Many of us experience rewards on a daily basis, but addicts and desire the rewards beyond simply just liking them. And that's what makes an addiction so powerful, because many times the rewards are thought to be unreachable through any other means, or that the rewards feel so heightened that it is just really hard to become detached from them.

How can binaural beats help?

Binaural beats affect the mind, which ultimately is affected by, and governs all addictions. This is done by producing a beat or tone that is synchronized with specific brainwave patterns which have specific effects. For instance, alpha waves are most associated with stress and anxiety reduction, beta waves promote proper mental functioning, emotional control, mental capacity, alertness, and concentration, gamma waves promote learning and perception, theta waves cause overall improvement of the mind and body through relaxation, and delta waves govern healing through sleep and resting.
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Oftentimes, an addict will have most if not all of these things out of sync. And because they are needed to live a normal life, it is important to have these elements all in balance. This is where binaural beats come in; listening to binaural beats that target specific brainwave patterns can help in treating specific addictions.

For example: a woman is addicted to anti-depressants, and have become so dependent on them that they cannot feel normal or even the slightest bit happy without them. A binaural beat track that targets the the alpha and beta waves, which govern anxiety and emotional control, can help the addict stop taking the pills, and feel happier, naturally.

Another is an alcoholic who drinks not only to feel happy, but also to be able to sleep due to many different things, from depressing work conditions or general loathing of the world. A binaural beats track that improves both the alpha and delta waves, to remove anxiety and promote healing sleep, can help wean the addict out of alcohol.

All these, in addition to the fact that binaural beats can be very relaxing when appreciated for its sound alone, can definitely help in the fight against addiction. But binaural beats aren’t just to treat the addiction. It’s also there to help make sure that the addict doesn’t fall off the wagon and go back to their old ways, by being the healthier alternative to get the euphoric high they desire.

If you or anyone you know are currently suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you can try the effects of binaural beats by listening to our newbinaural beats track for alcohol and drug rehabilitation.


Using binaural beats as an aid in alcohol and drug addiction, this music therapy track consists of 4Hz-8Hz in the Theta wave range that are associated with curing addictions. The binaural frequency of Mars supports strength of will, focused energy and the ability for achievement, sort of like a subliminal motivational push. This track can also be used to relieve mental fatigue, can aid in physical and emotional healing, deep relaxation and are conducive to inner peace. Listen with headphones to achieve the best results.

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