What Is a Light Worker/Warrior?

Have you ever had the urge to simply get up and try to help others, even without any beckoning? Have you felt so much empathy and affinity with the creatures and people around you, their plights and their troubles, and have had the strongest pull to try and help? Have you ever experienced simply feeling an overwhelming sense of duty to try and help others, heal the sick and weary, and do what you can to change the world for the better, despite your material and financial limitations? If so, you may be a Light Worker or a Light Warrior.

What are Light Workers/Warriors?

Light Workers/Warriors are beings born of this earth, (some say who volunteered before birth, others say who are born with the duty) to help Earth, its denizens, and its elements heal and recover from the effects of evil, fear, and destruction. It is said everyone is born a Light Worker/Warrior, but as we grow up, with the materialistic focus of “real life” taking its hold, our divine and sacred purpose is slowly forgotten, and with it, the abilities to heal and change the world for the better. When Light Workers/Warriors forget their true selves, but are on the brink of remembering, they feel lost, afraid, and without a sense of purpose, except for a distinctive pull to be a positive force.



What is the difference between a Worker and a Warrior?

A Light Worker and a Light Warrior are the same, except for one key element: Light Warriors fight. No, not fight skeptics over the internet, not go to war with some foreign power, not fight crime as a superhero (although there are Light Warriors who end up being soldiers and law enforcement officers as part of their duty to change the world for the better.) No, Light Warriors are fighters of a different kind. Say, while Light Workers help others be sheltered from fear and darkness, Light Warriors help those people fight fear and engage the dark. The difference is the subtle ways in which they bring the light to the world, although they are very well the same.
Both the Light Worker and the Light Warrior use the same tools and weapons: Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Purity, Understanding, Hope, Faith, and so on. It is in their methods that the two vary, as mentioned earlier.

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What are the signs of being a Light Worker or Warrior?

This simple checklist will tell you if you are on the verge of awakening into your true Light Worker or Warrior self:
1.)    Do you feel compelled to heal and help others in their times of need?
2.)    Do you want to take on the problems of the world, whether environmental, social, economical, or political, even if it feels like it is too much to handle?
3.)    Have you had any recent mystical experiences like seeing angels or having visions?
4.)    Do you believe that spiritual tools and methods work, and provide healing and positivity to others?
5.)    Do you feel compelled to share your experiences to others, and want to awaken other Workers and Warriors?
6.)    Do you feel the urgent need to ACT NOW?
If so, congratulations, you are about to awaken into your Light Worker or Warrior self! Do not resist the calling. Do not give in to fear. Regardless of how hard it might be, be in touch with your Divine Purpose. 

What’s Next?

If you discover yourself awakened to your Divine Purpose, the next step is to simply… act! Let the inner voice, touched by the Divine, guide you, push you to act and change the world according to its plan. But remember: changing the world for the better can be done many different ways. Do not lose hope that you are doing just the simple and easy things, rather than doing massive global change. Each effort is important, and yours is just as!

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