How To Unlock Time Travel Lucid Dreams With Binaural Beats



Time travelling is one of the holy grails of science. There are many hurdles that hinder time travel, like the possibility of paradoxes, split timelines, and of course, the process of time traveling itself. And while true, physical time travel is still out of our grasp, there is another alternative that anyone can try: time travel lucid dreaming!



What is time travel lucid dreaming?



Time travel lucid dream is experiencing a different time period very vividly in a dream, just like one will do in actual time travel (or at least how we imagine it.) Take note, this is very different from the concept of  astral projection time traveling, which we will discuss in a future post. Time travel lucid dreams are just that, dreams, but the vividness of the experience is truly something that everyone will appreciate, especially when it comes to time traveling!




The basics: starting lucid dreaming with lucid dream intent and binaural beats



Time travel lucid dreaming, first and foremost, requires the ability to lucid dream. We have discussed how to do this numerous times in our previous blog posts, and one of the best ways to do it is with the assistance of binaural beats. Binaural beats are tracks of music that rely on two tones of different frequencies to stimulate the brainwaves that govern different domains, like relaxation, creativity, learning, and more. When used in conjunction with lucid dreaming efforts, the brainwaves can greatly increase the chances of entering lucidity.



This is done by listening to the binaural beats track as one starts to sleep, using sleep-friendly headphones or earphones, although there are some binaural beats tracks that do not need these and simply need to be played on speakers.



Whatever the case, a binaural beats track for lucid dreaming can definitely greatly assist in lucid dreaming.



One thing that can also increase one’s chances in entering lucidity is setting a lucid dream intention. This not only conditions the mind to lucid dream, but also to lucid dream a specific way, and in this case, time travel lucid dreaming. Learn more about how to set a lucid dream intention in our previous blog post here. 



Next steps: initiating the time travel



Once you’ve achieved lucidity, it’s time to time travel! There are many ways to do this, depending on one’s creativity, lucid dream experience level, and the lucid dream intent set prior to sleeping.



1.)    Build your time machine – since you are in control of your lucid dream, you can actually build your own time machine in it! You may ask: “But I don’t know how to build a time machine because I have no idea of quantum mechanics and the space-time continuum!” Well, it doesn’t matter! As long as you know and believe that what you are building is a time machine, then it IS a time machine in your dream. It can be anything from a big, steampunk-like machine to just a box. But once you are done building the machine, you can already use it and travel back in time!



2.)    Enter a time portal – a time portal can be anything from a simple door, to a big mystical arch, or an ancient cave. This is similar in concept to building a time machine, but is much more streamlined. However, sometimes a lucid dream will not yield a suitable door or portal, so one might resort to building a time machine if necessary. Also, a time portal has no control of where and when you might end up, so be careful!



3.)    Reverse time with a clock or calendar – when you see a calendar or clock in your lucid dream, you can control its flow either by willing it to move forward or backward, or to fiddle with it with your fingers. But don’t do this too fast, or you may end up too far back or too far forward!



4.)    Lucid dream intention – done before sleeping, this method can immediately send you to the time period of your choosing when you enter the dreamscape. This is done by reading up or studying the time period you want over the course of a few hours or even a few days before your target lucid dream session.



Follow these steps, use the appropriate binaural beats track, and you can time travel in your sleep with ease in no time! This binaural beats track for lucid dreaming is one that you can use to achieve lucidity for time travel fast!  





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