8 Reasons Why You Should Let Go Of People Who No Longer Play an Importance in Your Life

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8 Reasons Why You Should Let Go Of People Who No Longer Play an Importance in Your Life

Sometimes, a decision is quite hard to face especially letting go of someone especially that person happens to be your friend, your lover, and anyone in between. It could really happen when you least expect it. Love is so superior because it has the ability to hurt us when it fails. Don't take the failure personally. Relationships fail every day, not always because there isn't enough love to go around.

Whatever the reason, learning how to move on from a person you loved deeply is an extremely difficult process, and it really takes time. Fortunately, it's done every day, and done with success. As we maturely grow, we are changing at different speeds and when it is time to go your separate ways, don’t ever hold on.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Let go because things are not the same anymore.  There is a saying, when you let go, you give yourself peace. Everything about holding on is torturous. You remorse, you feel ashamed and guilty, and you are opening the door of suffering. The only way to feel peace is to lessen the thoughts that threaten it. Letting go opens you up to new possibilities. When you are holding onto something, you are less open to giving and receiving anything else. You have to give to receive. Give love to get love, share joy to feel joy and it is only possible if you are open and responsive. It is hard to hold on to people in life, but always remember that you are fated to meet different people along your journey who will bring you different feelings of emotions.
  • Let go because the trust and loyalty isn’t there. Being loyal is a great quality. Don’t mix it up with oppression. Don’t take mistake willing to compromise the spirit of who you are and even your willingness to risk your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, for loyalty and devotion. Loyalty, in the sense where we consistently communicate and establish our strong feelings of support, acknowledgement, care, trust, and respect. On both sides. Find someone with whom you can share your earnest secrets and you know that after walking away, his or her lips will remain tightly sealed. Find someone whose truthfulness will be unquestionable because his or her actions, rather than empty promises, bring you a peace of mind. 


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  • Let go because you are unclear of where things stand. Being with those vague people or relationship is puzzling because you don’t know what you mean to the person, if anything at all. If the person can’t make you feel as though you are that important, think a hundred times why you are letting someone to treat you this way. Engage to those people who won’t take advantage your kindness simply because he or she knows you are not going to leave them.

  • Let go if the friendship or relationship is damaging to you. There comes a point when he or she would put you down at every opportunity. Seeing you laughing and smiling, he or she would say something to bring you down. Seeing you making progress, he or she would try to hold you back. This issue of toxic friendships isn’t unusual. We all have these people in our lives that leave us feeling miserable and drained of energy. We must not allow ourselves to feel stuck and used to being treated far less well than we deserve. Respect yourself enough to be able to walk away. 

  • Let go if you simply don’t see eye to eye. It is tough to make a relationship work if you can’t ever agree or see each other’s points of view. If the one thing you can agree on is that neither of you can agree, it might be time to walk away. In many friendships and relationships, people come together through unlikely chances, through their differences and lack of similarities. Therefore, it can work, but if you find that it’s a significant source of many of your arguments and tensions, end it now.

  • Let go if you’re the one fighting to make it work. It’s hard to let go of people because you become afraid to commit to any kind of certainty. However, letting go of people allows you to become stronger and braver. You will get past your fears of losing people. You’ll have to put yourself out there again and open yourself up to new people, but it will be okay. Find someone who makes you feel worthwhile and worthy. Find someone who fights to have you in his or her life. Find someone who knows how lucky he or she is to have you. Find someone who accepts everything you have done and will do. Don’t waste your time on anything less.
  • Let go if he or she doesn’t encourage you or believe in you. If you find that your relationship isn’t providing you with support, reflect on what the person is providing. You deserve someone who will be there to encourage you throughout your journey and believe in you maybe even more than you believe in yourself. If you choose to still hang around with bad friends, you can take comfort in the fact that they do make excellent teachers. That’s why it’s so important to forgive, love, and move on when you have to: We all deserve to be happy. We have the power to make it happen.

  • Let go if the relationship isn’t bringing you what you want and need. You’ll become more independent. Don’t ever allow someone to make you feel needy for wanting someone who will love, care and support you, someone who will listen and give you insightful advice, someone who wants the same things, someone you can trust and will be loyal to you, someone who believes so strongly in you and your capabilities. Just someone who makes you feel like you’re someone. You thought that you needed these people around. You relied and depended on them when you could. However, it’s time to let them go. It’s hard but you should do it because you will learn to stand on your own two feet. They were there to help you learn, but now you have to learn self-independence.

In this article, you will learn that it’s really a must to find friends that accept you and show good intentions. No matter who you meet, be yourself. In order for someone to be loved, they have to give their all to someone else. They have to be willing to accept their flaws, present them to their partner, and know that their partner will accept them too.

Both people must do their part to grow the relationship. Only then will both of you be satisfied with the relationship you have built. 

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