Mother's Cradle - Gentle Sleep Music

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Gentle Sleep Music: "Mother's Cradle" - Soothing, Relaxing, Calming, Wellness

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Give in to sweet slumber with our “Mothers Cradle” deep sleep track that will gently bring you into deep relaxation. Embedded brainwave entrainments are frequencies of 0.5 to 4Hz and a carrier of 211.44Hz which are aimed at giving you a good deep sleep and help you will feel refreshed upon waking. It also taps into the unconscious, the imagination, enhancing your dream experience and bringing forth spiritual love. It also is conducive, divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, feeling one with the universe and having a blissful state of mind. Listen with headphones to get the best brainwave entrainment effects and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

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