Step Into Morpheus' Realm

Brainwave Power Music

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Lull into a deep, sweet slumber and enter the Realm of Morpheus, king of Dreams, with our latest lucid dream music track and experience multiple vivid dreams and train your subconscious mind to recall them upon waking. Using multiple binaural beats and isochronic tones that range from 0.1Hz to 16Hz, this brainwave entrainment full 8 hour track is divided into four parts that follow the different stages of sleep. For every two hours our chosen brainwave entrainment frequencies changes to provide deep relaxation that allows your mind and body to prepare for a full night's rest. The second part is more of a light dreamless sleep, but it will encourage a little bit of REM. The third part is mostly for the deep sleep, also known as the Slow Wave Sleep, wherein if you wake up here, it mostly triggers ‘false awakenings’. The last part of this track includes some sound element triggers that can influence your dreams, and in here the REM is strongest. REM sleep is also very important for healthy brain functions. Listen with headphones to get the best binaural beat effects, and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

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