Waves of Wellness - Healing Meditation Music

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The Waves of Wellness music album contains various meditation music specifically for self-healing purposes.

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This music album contains 6 different music tracks we’ve created using brainwave entrainments to help the mind get into the healing state, which can influence the emotions and the body.

Above and Below - A “oneness” meditation track associated with the earth’s resonance for grounding meditation purposes, as well as music remedies for depression, anxiety, and improves stress tolerance, gives mental clarity and accelerates overall healing.

Amber - Contains binaural beats found in the Alpha range that associates to inner awareness, overall balance and relaxation.

Aqueous Light - A Theta range of brainwave entrainments for deep relaxation, strong internal focus for healing intentions, and helps in pain relief and aids in muscle recovery.

Reiki Healing - For overall peace bringing you good vibrations and positive energy.

Binaural Massage - Specifically for muscle pain relief and muscle tension, and gives an overall sense of relaxation and wellness.

Skyward - A headache relief pure tone brainwave entrainment track.

Listen with headphones to achieve the best brainwave entrainment effects and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

To purchase and download this music album, simply click on the download button and proceed to cart checkout. Once your purchase transaction has been verified and completed, our system will automatically send you an email that contains the download access link to retrieve your online purchase order. We strongly advise to retrieve your download purchase through a desktop or laptop computer. This is to ensure a complete and successful retrieval of all the music files. For any questions, write to us at contact@brainwavepowermusic.com

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