Lucid Dreaming -Travel Through The Cosmos

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  • Travel Through The Cosmos Lucid Dreaming (8 Hours) Influential SoundScapes -

Take a trip through the cosmos with this new lucid dreaming track. Using soundscapes of different atmospheric textures to help create your ideal space setting, this track also uses frequencies from the Theta Range that promote fantasy, imagery, creativity, access to the subconsciousness, and also frequencies from the Alpha Range that promote relaxation, dream enhancers and sleep aids. It is a whole brain toner and we've embedded the 1.5Hz Abrahams Universal Healing Rate for those who wish to use this as a sleep accompaniment.

With Neptune's orbit frequency, this is associated with the imagination and spiritual love. Listen with or without headphones, as these include isochronic tones that don't necessarily require the use of earphones.

Enjoy your dream experience!

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