The Cosmic Connections Album

Brainwave Power Music

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Discover what frequencies the planets Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto have and how they actually can affect us. These tracks can be used for meditation or relaxation sessions.

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Subliminal Desires - Inner Harmony + Love Energy - Cosmic Connections Meditation Venus - Venus is connected to our Brow chakra, it holds the effects of visualization and conceptualization, love energy and promotes inner harmony.

Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit: Meditation for Inner Guidance - Mars Frequency - Mars symbolizes focused energy, passion, endurance and competitiveness.

Healing the Spirit: For anti-Depression and Self Acceptance - Uranus Frequency - The planet Uranus stands for independence and originality, as well as change and renewal.

Meditation Music for Inspiration & Increasing Creativity - Pluto's Frequency - Pluto exudes the essence of transformation and regeneration, and motivates us for great change.

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