Brainwave Power Music

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Get yourself in the zone with this binaural beat and isochronic music album specifically made to help your mind get settled into work or study mode.

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Also very ideal for the artists and musicians who need to focus on their own creations.

(1 HOUR) Cognition Intelligence Enhancer - music track that uses frequencies from 11.5Hz to 14Hz that focus on assisting the brain to be awake and alert, more focused and concentrated on tasks at hand, relieving you from headaches or stress.

Super-Learning Study Aid | 'Accelerated Learning Alpha Waves' - promotes relaxation, positive thinking, triggers super-learning capabilities that assist you to absorb, focus and concentrate in information being processed, as well as creative inspiration and problem solving.

Creative Focus with Alpha Waves - Stimulate Creativity, New Ideas - helps in accelerated learning, mood elevation, lessens stress and gives creative motivation. Feel calm and relaxed as these Alpha tones can be used for a good night's sleep or efficiently accomplishing mental tasks.

Isochronic Music for Concentration (Study Aid) - helps to maintain alertness and associated with high-level processing of information in different areas of the brain.

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