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  1. Namaste
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1 Hour Indian-Inspired Relaxation Music: “Namaste” - Divine Meditation, Deep Calm, Sleep, Healing

Feel deep relaxation and a sense of overall wellness and calm with our cultural Indian-inspired music track, “Namaste”. Namaste means “The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you.” Using brainwave entrainments ranging from 0.5Hz to 4Hz, an isochronic pulse of 3.4Hz, and a carrier of 211.44Hz, these all are associated with the unconscious mind and sleep state, and in a deeper spiritual sense it relates to intuition, empathetic attunement and instinctual insight. Ideal to be listened to during your meditation sessions, this track provides healing energy, divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, and feeling one with the universe. Feel blissful and calm as you listen with headphones to get the best brainwave entrainment effects, and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

Watch the full video at: https://youtu.be/hQfSnA0vCoA

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