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  1. Transcendence
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1 Hour Meditation Music: "GO BEYOND" for Focus, Relaxation, Balance, Spiritual Connection

Get into a relaxed state of mind with this powerful but simple transcendence meditation music track that uses various brainwave entrainments such as 4Hz to 16.4Hz, and a carrier frequency of 126.22Hz, which are associated with deep meditation, creative inspiration, spiritual connection, positive thinking, stress reduction, lucid mental states, promotes mental resourcefulness and coordination, provides pleasant drifting feelings or emotions, and is connected to the top of the head, the Crown chakra, giving the effects of Spirit, liberation and transcendence. Go beyond and rise above. Feel calm instantly, Using the Sun’s orbital frequency, this also connects to the Manipura, also known as the Hara, which presents the listener towards advance feelings of ethereal magic. Connect yourself to the Earth, the Universe, and to the Spirit, and allow yourself to be One and be All. Listen with headphones to achieve the best binaural beats results, and always set the volume at a comfortable low setting.

Watch the full video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syKWJGTWiic&feature=youtu.be

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