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Meditation Dance: "Tantric Kundalini Energy" - Spiritual, Freestyle Movement, Yoga, Wellness, Health

Dance has always been an art form, an energetic and emotional way to express one's self through the movements of the body, and for many cultures, a state of subconscious connection with the spiritual beliefs. The Kundalini is the metaphysical and esoteric energy force that resides in us, which consists of energy channels and centers or Chakras. In our Tantric Kundalini Energy Meditation Dance music track, this includes brainwave entrainments for deep meditation, awakening of our primal energy, useful during Pranayama breathing exercises, Yoga, and can stimulate a spiritual connection as we become aware of our energy core. The binaural beats range from 4Hz to 8Hz, and uses the carrier frequency of 126.22, which is connected to the Manipura chakra.

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