Lucid Dreaming Music (2 HOURS) - Deep Sleep Isochronic Music
  • Lucid Dreaming Music (2 HOURS) - Deep Sleep Isochronic Music
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To Lucid Dream means that you are consciously aware that you are dreaming and are able to control the dream. A complex mix of frequencies associated with sleep and lucid dreaming frequencies make up this new Isochronic Music Track that we've created just for you.

Starting with frequencies categorized in the Delta range, we start off by inducing a relaxing, soothing beat to help you drift into sleep but promotes an awareness at a subconscious level. The next collection of frequencies brings the sleeper into the Theta range, which is associated with deep relaxation and lucid dreaming. Here, the mind stays alert while the body sleeps. The frequencies in the Theta range are often used during meditation for inner awareness, which means that a person facilitates easy access to inner resources and creates space for inner peace and self-renewal.

To hear a streaming sample of this 2-hour high quality mp3 track, go to our YouTube channel link:

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