Developer: Brainwave Power Music
   Based in Sydney, Australia
Release date: Out now
Platforms: Android 4.1 and up
Website: www.brainwavepowermusic.com
In-App Purchase applicable for Premium Subscribers

Email: contact@brainwavepowermusic.com

The Brainwave App

The Brainwave Power Music app is a health and wellness application that contains music programs exclusively created only for our app. These music programs range from sleep aids to lucid dreaming enhancers; for focus and deep relaxation; to help achieve astral projection; soothing music for yoga; helps in achieving deep meditation, and more! Each music program is embedded with specific brainwave entrainments that help the mind and the body to become in tune with specific states based on what you need, and our vocal-guided meditation sessions are made to help the user become more aware of how to do different kinds of meditation.


Features & Highlights:


  • Download free vocal guided meditations with relaxing music backgrounds
  • Get direct access to our YouTube Channel and listen to our latest music creation releases
  • Turn on the Reality Check alarm and train yourself to determine if you are awake or still dreaming
  • Watch relaxing live wallpapers for an added dose of calm
  • Monitor your meditation progress in the profile statistics 
  • Unlock Achievements when completing a meditation session and share your progress to your friends
  • Collect your favorite meditation sessions in a single easy-access list 


  • Learn how to do various meditation techniques with our vocal-guided audios sessions
  • Open your mind, body and spirit for overall wellness and balance
  • Be guided on how to focus and manifest your dreams
  • Get good, deep sleep and fight insomnia
  • Experience astral projection and achieve lucid dreams