The Effects of Positive Thinking


Positive thinking will go a lot further than someone may initially anticipate. Positive thinking has the power to create worlds, create relationships and create well-being because thoughts become things without any exceptions. 
A powerful thought out weighs a negative thought. This works in our favor because we can be 'let off the hook' if we allow our thoughts to stray, but that does not mean to say that if you are in the habits of reaching for a negative thought rather than a positive one, it cannot manifest. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their current reality. You can tell by what job they have, what kind of relationship they are in and what environment they live in just what strains of thought run through their mind. 
It is very easy to allow your thoughts to control you but if you can somehow learn to be in control of them you will soon notice a difference with your current reality. If you are thinking negative thoughts about money then the universe will match your energy on that and indeed, keep you lacking in that area. If you talk about the lack of a partner more than how nice it would be to have one or how nice it was when you had one, then you will keep yourself in that vibration. 

Positive thinking is very powerful. Not only will you begin to receive what you desire but it will soon become a habit to always look for the better thought in every situation, and the more positive you find, the more positive you will receive. Everyone has something to be grateful for, even if they can only find one thing. The more they focus on this then the more they will see it grow. The more someone looks for the good the more they will notice just how much good there is around them, and over time, you will only ever notice the wonderful things. 
Feeling grateful leads to more. When you are in a state of appreciation you are totally aligned with your inner being and when you are on this high frequency you will notice more and more wonderful things coming your way- and fast too! The universe is always bringing you what you want but if you look around you and think, 'I cannot possibly manifested this', then it is time to look at exactly what your thoughts are. If you are unwell, it is easy to say, 'I did not focus on being unwell before I became unwell', which is probably accurate. However, the more negative thoughts you have the more you pinch yourself off from you and the more you create blockages, the more your body will become blocked. 
Positive thinking allows the body to function with perfection and allows you to create the exact reality you would like to see. We are all powerful beings and the more you tip the scale to positivity, even if ever so slightly, the more you will be amazed at what changes before you.

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