Meditation Improves Business Productivity

Many people often associate meditation with spirituality, finding inner peace and achieving nirvana, and only done by those following a certain religion, or a practitioner of a far-eastern martial art. It is so old fashioned, that it’s something that no one in the modern world has time for, right? Well that couldn’t be further from the truth, because science has shown that meditation has its place in modern society, and one such place is, as we will be discussing, so unlikely that those not in the know might not even expect it: Business.

What is meditation?

Depending on your source, meditation may have different meanings. But each has one thing in common. Meditation is a state of mind wherein it is emptied of whatever may trouble or disturb you, to pause and be at peace with oneself and be calm. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not an action: it is a state of mind and awareness; often we can see someone trimming some plants, doing calligraphy, or some other similar act, and still be meditating just the same as someone who is in a lotus position in a garden. But the latter is the common image and way of performing meditation.




How does it help me in business/work?

The main benefits of meditation for business, both for employer and employee are very valuable. In fact, meditation, as it was discovered by the Harvard Business School, and INSEAD, Europe’s top business school, is one of the two most effective business tools for executives and employees (the other being intuition.) Meditation affects the individual, going up to the team, and all the way to the entire business organization, all the while positively influencing each branch to bring overall results.

Meditation actually helps solve the four key components for a successful business, namely:


  1. Coming up with, and adhering to a clear vision of the business’ goals
  2. To be inspired and innovative in the way they provide their product or service to the market
  3. Proper leadership
  4. Solid teamwork

And it does so by doing the following:

Benefits of meditation


  1. Stress relief – one of the things that can bog down a person’s productivity the most is stress. Stress caused by overworking, or anxiety about deadlines, can compound the problems further, bogging down the business engine even more. And stress can actually affect the person physically, causing loss of energy, slower thinking, and even other health issues. Meditation relieves stress and rejuvenates the mind to be able to do what needs to be done.
  2. Improved focus and creativity – stress in work is caused by many things, and one of these is being unable to solve problems. Meditation helps this by calming the mind down, emptying it of unnecessary thoughts, and allowing the person to be mentally and emotionally well enough to focus on the problems at hand. Being creative allows the members of the business to be able to solve problems faster and more efficiently, leading to success which will provide boosts in morale and lead to even more solutions being thought of.
  3. Better mental and physical health – the rigors of work and the stress that it causes can affect a person’s mental and physical well-being, from anxiety and insomnia to heart ailments and complications. Some employees have even been known to develop clinical depression! This can cause problems at work ranging from inability to achieve targets, to absences, to bad relationships with co-workers, which all lead to loss of productivity. Meditation calms the mind down, resets the heart rate to a healthier level, and reduces the risks of physical and mental problems. 
  4. Better employee teamwork and relationships – staff members who meditate, whether individually or together, become more calm and easier to work with, due to their relaxed, peaceful state. This leads to better teamwork, which is critical in any business venture. Not only that, a good demeanor leads to people respecting each other better, with employers being able to trust their employees and employees being more motivated to deliver for their employers. 

What’s the science behind this?

Some may think that this is nothing more than some new-age idea embraced by some businesses as a fad. But rest assured that, if big companies like Google use it, there is a science behind it. And there is!

Our previous blog posts talked about brainwave patterns and the benefits of brainwave therapy like binaural beats. There’re Alpha Waves, which govern the brain’s cognitive, creative, and problem solving abilities, Beta Waves, which govern the brain’s focus, fight or flight response, and logic, and Delta Waves, which control the body’s healing capabilities and involuntary processes (like heart rate and breathing.)

Being able to produce the said brainwaves in the right amounts and right combinations will allow the mind to reap all of its benefits, and one way to do this is… yes, meditation.

Basics of meditation

There are many ways to meditate, and we will discuss the different methods in a future post soon, but for now, here are some basics to get you started.

First, find a plane surface you can sit straight on. Close your eyes, try to relax, and breathe slowly, in and out. To help empty your mind, focus on your own breathing, and nothing else. If you get distracted or are unable to focus, block it out, and keep your focus on your breathing. Do this for as long as needed until you feel better and relieved.

To increase your chances of being able to focus, the venue is important. If you have your own office at work, lock the doors, put a no disturb sign, close the blinds, and sit on the floor. If you don’t, find a room in the workplace where you can be alone, and do the same. If you’re a business owner, devoting a room for meditation can help your employees do this.

And finally, using binaural beats for meditation to motivate and success definitely helps. Try to listen to this track and it will definitely make you more relaxed and focused on your meditation.





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