What is Spiritual Consciousness?



We are all conscious beings and have the ability to grow this consciousness or allow it to remain dormant, never unlocking our full potential. We are powerful beings with unlimited potential, and if we allow ourselves we can tap into this as we grow spiritually. 
Although it is just a guide, there are seven different levels of consciousness, which we can all reach but many only experiences the first three. These are; The stake of waking consciously, deep sleep and dreaming. Every human being experiences these first three levels of consciousness. 
The last four are not available to everyone. some may find them throughout their lives and others may never.  However, we do all have the ability to find them and experience them in our lifetime. This is normally through persistent meditation. With practice, individuals can transform their consciousness from a lower state to a higher state. 
Soul Consciousness 
This is where the mind settles down into a state of peace. The mind remains awake but it is completely undisturbed. By this, it allows the mind to explore itself and its deepest levels of intelligence. Our minds become observers and therefore we can reach a state of calmness. This soon leads to a growth of the individual and change to the life around them. There will be less drama in their lives and more love and harmony. 
Cosmic Consciousness 
This level is based on the small us; the ego. When we experience this level we reach a point where we realize that everything we have become and the person people know us to be is in fact, not us- it was ego driven. By learning this, we allow our real beings in and become what we are supposed to be and see that we are all one, all connected to each other and with God. We realize that we are an eternal spirit and therefore are no longer aware of time or afraid of death. 

Divine Consciousness 
As we open up our hearts in level six, we begin to see beauty in everything- even things that once made us uncomfortable. Once we have experienced this we can become very devoted to anything we enjoy in our lives. As our heart is opened we see the good and the beauty in everything and everyone around us. By experiencing this we can also tap into our spiritual abilities as our minds are now experimenting in a different realm. 
Unity Consciousness 
This is a state of total awakening where the inner and the outer or the real and the unreal all become one. This is sometimes referred to as Brahman. Everything is at peace and more intense and the ability to transform everything is seen as a miracle. 
Once we have experienced these levels we live in a state of total awareness, total bliss, total harmony, seeing the only beauty around us wherever we go and we will never return to the sleep state in which we have lived out our lives so far. This is total enlightenment. This is a new age for us all, and it is believed that in the future everyone will live like this as we grow more and more throughout our generations. As we go through this experience, we are able to turn back and give a helping hand to others who are beginning to awaken and plant seeds in the hearts of the ones who do not yet realize their full potential.

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