What Is a Mantra and Why Do We Need It? 

A mantra is a word or series of words that we repeat. It was originally found in Hinduism and Buddism and can be broken down into two words. 'Man' means the mind and 'tra' means transport. It means that a mantra is an instrument of the mind and can take us to a deep state of relaxation. 
Meditation and Yoga 
It is mainly found in meditation where one uses a mantra to quiet the mind and find peace. The vibrations of humming and chanting can help to relax the body and also, whilst chanting it, it is particularly difficult to focus the mind on other thoughts thereby shutting the mind off and allowing it peace. It is also found in yoga, another form of relaxation, where we can use these chants to find peace within the body but it does not have to just be done when we are purposely relaxing the mind and body. We can use mantras anytime when we are still even if it is just for two minutes at a red light. 


The Language of Sanskrit 
There are many mantras that are used today and some are proven to be so helpful that they have totally transformed people's energies. Here are a few examples and their meanings: 
Mantra: OM 
The most commonly known mantra is simply, OM. This mantra is the sound of the universe and represents the birth, death, and rebirth. Chanting this brings us harmony with the universe and is mainly used at the beginning and end of a yoga session. Scientists have shown us that this chant is in exact vibrational harmony with the frequency of our universe leading us to completely connect to it. 


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Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya
This is a great mantra to build confidence and remind us of our divinity. This particular mantra was made popular after the book 'eat pray love' by Elizabeth Gilbert was written. In this book, the mantra was given to Elizabeth and says that it means, "I honor the divinity within myself". 
Mantra: Lokah Samashtah Sukkino Bhavantu 
This mantra helps the flow of happiness and joy to come to us. It keeps us in harmony with others as a form of love and also keeps us connected to nature and the environment. 
Mantra: Om Saha Naavabatu 
This mantra, along with many others, connects us with God. It is a way to ask for blessings and nourishment and a way of asking for peace within humanity, starting with ourselves. 
Some of the mantras we see today can look rather intimidating and some tend to either struggle to pronounce them or forget how to say them so it can take some practice but chanting the sound of OM is an easy one to remember. It was the late Wayne Dyer who told us that we can chant this anytime whether we are sitting down for five minutes or trying to sleep. He told us it complete clears the mind of all thoughts and leaves us with a sense of relaxation so there is no need to wait for your next mediation or for your next yoga class.

Give it a go. 



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