What Happens When We Wake Up From A Lucid Dream?


It is very common that when we awaken from a lucid dream we remember it for a short while and then it slips our mind. Sometimes, we believe it for a short while and as we continue on our day our ego takes over and we are left with disbelief that it even happened. This is connected to the reason that many people struggle to have a lucid dream in the first place. Many people struggle because they live too much in their own brain rather their own mind. Logical thinkers tend to not always allow themselves the pleasure of completely letting go, even when they are asleep! 
According to scientists, lucid dreaming is linked to that person's creativity. When we are sleeping our subconscious mind takes over in order to figure out all that we have been worrying about. This is why we wake up and sometimes feel a lot clearer about something that was troubling us the day before. The more creative someone is, the more likely they are to realize they are lucid dreaming in the first place. A creative thinker can think outside of the box and solve problems that they may not be able to solve when they are awake due to restrictions of the human brain. It is the ones that are not creative that struggle to do this and if they do, they wake up in disbelief because they jump right back into the egotistical brain and back into reality. 

"Dreams are more real than reality itself, they're closer to the self." 
Gao Xingjian

There are many ways to help you to get that sleep and remember your dreams when you awaken and it is more than likely that the more you experience them the more you will believe that they happened. It is then that we can go to bed with the intentions of exploring other realms whilst we are there. 
Firstly, we all need to get a long night of sleep in order to get into a lucid dream. The first 4-6 is when the body and mind completely rest. After that, the mind enters the REM state and this is where we can explore. It is at this time that the mind offloads all our emotions which help determine what vibration we are in. This is the time to explore our feelings, our emotions, and fine tune our energy. 


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Secondly, make sure you keep that dream journal. We do forget after a while of being awake and this is when we start to have doubts it even happened. So, when you wake up, write it all down. Perhaps even draw. Some people explore their dreams with other people so that they can tell that person what they saw in order for their dreams to stay alive. 
We all have the ability to lucid dream and for some it takes practice whilst for others, it just comes naturally. Lucid dreaming is a great way to clear up any unwanted troubles in our lives but we have to believe and have the knowing when and after it has happened. When we go against ourselves and do not trust our own instincts we put a barrier around ourselves and cannot wriggle free. This stops us from not only being creative whilst we sleep but also during a general day. We are all so much more than we see in these physical bodies and when we sleep we are allowed the chance to explore whatever is within our power. 

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