What Exactly Is Our Inner Voice?

Throughout our lives, whenever we are at a critical junction, we often hear an inner voice talking to us, trying to make us think more about a decision we are about to make. Sometimes, the inner voice comes out on a regularly, to guide us in our daily lives, making sure we give more thought in the things we are about to do, from personal to professional to spiritual matters. 

But what exactly is the inner voice, and how does it work?

Inner speech

The scientific community has defined the inner voice as a phenomenon called the “inner speech”, which is what happens when we internalize the external, auditory speech. Many associate it as simply being the same thing, differentiated by one being internal and one being external, and are both controlled by the same brain mechanisms. But what makes the inner voice different from the “outer voice” is that most of the time, the inner voice is more reflective of deeper thought and consciousness. 



It is more attuned to our intuition and feelings, which is why most of the time, the inner voice speaks contrary to what we normally feel or believe. This is because we have been conditioned by society to be more compliant to what the external deems for us to do, rather than what the internal, our subconscious and heart want for us. Many people who recall their inner voice speaking to them remember it as one that is telling them to do something out of the ordinary.

It guides, not controls

The inner voice is not a loud phenomenon, nor is it a controlling force in our lives. It is simply a coalescence of our ultimate thoughts and emotions, based on the values we have as a person. Its effects are so subtle yet so profound, that many people associate the inner voice as coming from God, the Universe, the Global Consciousness, and so on.

The inner voice is a guide, it comes from the part of the person that can see the big picture, and to an extent map out the destiny of their lives, which in turn helps in one’s true life expression. It is connected to all of creation and as such helps the person recognize their part in the grand scheme of the cosmos. Which is why it is important to listen to it when it speaks.


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The benefits of listening to the inner voice

Listening to the inner voice can prove to be very beneficial. And here are some of the advantages in doing so.

1.) It makes life easier by not pursuing ego-driven thoughts and wants.
2.) It is a great stress reliever
3.) Makes personal relationships better and stronger
4.) It makes major decision making easier, from financial to personal.
5.) It can generally make you happier

These are just a few of the benefits of listening to the inner voice.

Listening to the inner voice better

The inner voice speaks often at crucial times, but for most people, it ends at just that. In order to be able to hear the inner voice at other times, follow these steps:

1.) Meditation – quiet times or serene times that allow us to empty our mind will give more energy to the inner voice to speak. Practice meditation for at least 30 minutes a day!

2.) Understand – when an inner voice speaks to you, it is often to nudge you to the right direction. Even if it is a criticism or complaint, listen and understand it. Acknowledging the rightness or wrongness of your inner voice strengthens it.

3.) Heed its call – when the inner voice asks you to do something you normally wouldn’t, give it a chance and try. Once you do, and it turns your life to be better, it will speak to you more.

The inner voice is a powerful ally. Listen to it! To help you hear your inner voice, this binaural beats track for intuition and guidance can help!



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