What Does It Mean To Practice Well-Being?


The practice of well-being is tough for some people because we are growing in a world where it is important to help others ahead of yourself. For parents, you must put your child first. For spouses, you must put the other first, or for families you must put each other first. Although this is a well intentioned way to be, what happens to you? Who is tending to you? 
We are all blessed with people in our lives who put us first and who like to take care of us but this is a false premise because it is not their job. It is your job. It is your job to make yourself feel happy and well, it is your job to feel wellness in your creations and to feel inspired within your own alignment. Whatever life inspires you to desire, it has the ability to deliver it to you if you allow it. If you are watering others but not watering yourself, then how can you expect a desire to blossom in our attraction-based universe? You cannot. You cannot give the best to others without being the best for yourself. 

Every day we have a strong desire to do something specific but do we do it? If you feel like taking a walk in the park or being lazy and watching a movie with a cup of tea, do you do this? Do you follow your desires to well-being or do you force yourself to do the ironing or wash the car? Give yourself permission to go with your intuition because you will feel so much better for it. The reason we can struggle with this is because we feel we will be judged by others. We feel that if we have a day just relaxing or just wandering around the park that others will judge us, whether it be a spouse or a parent or even a friend; we are again, trying to please others. 

"We all live under a false premise of; the more you do, the more you are worth". -Abraham Hicks 



The truth is that the better you feel, the more you allow. We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to be rested. We deserve all we desire. It is so necessary to tend to the well being of yourself in order to tend to the well-being of others. Try to make more time for yourself where you can be you and enjoy you, where you do whatever it is you want to do. Put yourself into situations, as often as possible, where you are the most important. 
Meditate for fifteen minutes every day and quiet your mind completely. Go outside, even if it is raining and enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy your surroundings and find things to be grateful. Talk to the flowers, notice the color of the grass and write it all down. Fill a book up over time of all the positive aspects of your day until you have trained your mind to do this daily without question because you know that all is well. 

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