The Benefits Of A Power Nap

Sleep is a very vital part of our well-being as it a release of resistance. I am sure we can all think of a time where we felt upset or unsettled and felt a lot better after sleeping it off or just taking a nap. I am sure that most of us can also think of a time when we went to bed feeling completely devastated and upon waking, experienced a few seconds of bliss only for that feeling in your stomach start up once again. There is a reason for this. This is because after we sleep, we wake up on the exact same frequency that we went to sleep in. 
Have you ever heard people say, "never go to bed angry?" This is why. It is our frequency tuning into where it left off. However, as we awaken, and because we have released resistance, it means that as the days go by, no matter what the situation is, it gradually becomes softer and less painful. If we were to get eight hours every night, then that is eight hours per day where we are not pushing against any struggles we are currently experiencing. 

Power naps are, even if only for thirty minutes, very helpful for people to clear their minds if they are struggling with anything during the day. If we can tune ourselves into a higher frequency, even if only for a few minutes before we sleep, we can wake up in that frequency and because we have released ourselves, it is easier to stay there longer. Over time, everything becomes calmer. 

"We see a lot of people sleeping because they’re bored, or because it’s the only way that they can give themselves any break from the exhaustion that they are feeling. But if you understand that exhaustion is not about what you’re doing; it’s not about being awake—it’s about resistance—then you begin to understand that the less resistance there is, the less sleep you need. So don’t feel guilty about how much sleep you’re getting, or not getting. We would make sleep a non-issue—and make a connection to Source our dominant goal". 
- Abraham Hicks 



A lot of people who have suffered from conditions such as depression find themselves tired a lot and wanting to sleep more. Many would struggle to just get out of bed because of this, whilst other people who were feeling down tended to manifest little illnesses here and there such as colds and flu, which is the mind's way of demanding the sleep it needs. The more resistance we feel, the more sleep we will need. A lot of people do not allow themselves to nap during the day as they think it wastes their time but in fact, it is the exact opposite. It will help tremendously and the more we fight it, the less we allow help for our own well-beings. Putting ourselves on a high frequency before sleeping, including every time we wake up in the middle of the night (if we do), can be so beneficial to our daily life and can keep us feeling happier throughout the day. When a machine has run out of battery, it shuts off. We should too.

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