How To Protect The Home During Hungry Ghost Month

Ghost Month is upon us, and as we discussed previously, for the next 30 days, hungry ghosts will be in our realm, causing havoc and misfortune to many people if they are not appeased or avoided. We have compiled general tips on how to keep safe during this time in our previous blog post, but there is one specific place that needs extra attention: the home! And there is no other place where the hungry ghosts want to go to than the houses where we live, because of their envy of how we are still able to enjoy earthly pleasures while they can’t. 



Reinforcing the home

The home needs to be protected, and right fully so, since our loved ones, our possessions, and our security depends on it! And here are some tips to protect the home during ghost month:

1.)    Install bright colors – change the curtains, sheets, and even lights to bright red and orange colors, can counterbalance the negativity the hungry ghosts bring. Curtains on window rooms are quite critical, as it can also serve to ward off some of the weaker ghosts from entering. 

2.)    Install red lanterns – red lanterns  serve as beacons of positivity and wards against hungry ghosts, which is especially useful at night. Install the red lanterns near windows and beside the main entrance of your home, in order to discourage the hungry ghosts from trying to come in.

3.)    Perform the incense offering ritual – the incense offering ritual is a powerful way to appease the hungry ghosts, and are supposed to be done as often as possible, right before sunset before darkness comes. The incense ritual should be done outdoor, just outside the main entrance of the home, and should be left there to burn.
But sometimes, these precautions are not enough. Many people still feel uneasy despite these precautions and when this happens, it means more need to be done. This is where the talismans and guardians come in.

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Feng Shui Talismans, Guardians, and Wards

The following are examples of Feng Shui protection that can be used to keep the home safe and sound during ghost month.

1.)    The Standing Kwan Kung – one of the most famous generals in Chinese history, his apotheosis to God of War has turned him into a powerful guardian against hungry ghosts. His powers of combat and wealth keeps the ghosts at bay, and the luck within the home. Keep his image displayed facing the front door so his fearsome gaze can deter ghosts and negativity away. The more ferocious his statue or picture is, the better.

2.)    The Chung Kwei – this guardian is dubbed as the ghost catcher, and is able to chase wandering spirits away. Not only that, he is able to provide strong protection against Yin energy when in the home, and can drive away other ghostly presences. His symbol, bats, are a symbol of great happiness and good fortune.

3.)    The Cosmic Tortoise – the universal tortoise has the ability to stop wandering spirits from even trying to enter the house, especially when placed in an elevated platform in the home. Hang the tortoise near the entrance of the home and you will be well protected.

4.)    The Fu Dogs – this pair of dogs, placed in an elevated position on both sides of the door, keeps evil at bay and keeps luck in. They come in male and female couples.

5.)    The Seven Stars Sword – one of the most powerful tools against the hungry ghosts and wandering spirits, the Seven Stars Sword is placed in the office or in the bedroom, and can help protect you as you sleep when you are most vulnerable. It is a powerful weapon and as such has to be placed in the most important areas of the home or office, to keep bad Yin energies at bay.

6.)    La Zha – perhaps the most powerful guardian, La Zha is the guardian of Magic and is said to be the most effective against hungry ghosts and wandering spirits. The best place to put him is near the home’s front door, where his magic is most powerful and most felt by the hungry ghosts wanting to enter.

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