How To Prepare For And Stay Safe During Ghost Month

Chinese culture has permeated into many aspects of modern living, from economic aspects like global manufacturing, to health and medicine like Eastern Healing techniques, to something more down to earth like Chinese food. And some spiritual aspects, like Feng Shui, have been accepted by many cultures and societies, and with it, the need to be very cautious of the month of August, known in Chinese tradition as “Ghost Month.”

What is Ghost Month?

Known throughout Asia specifically as the “Hungry Ghost Month” or “Zhong Yuan Jie”, August is a time to appease Hungry Ghosts and wandering spirits, when it is believed that spirits, especially those with unfinished businesses or those who have not received proper burial rites, become stronger and more free to roam our realm, where they try to relive their lives –trying to eat food or trying to engage in earthly pleasures- for a whole 30 day period.




This is critical as this is a time when you may experience an increase of ghostly or paranormal activity, which are associated with an increase in “Yin” energies, as well as a rise in the rate of crime, deaths, medical ailments and problems, as well as economic and financial troubles, like troubles at work, or inexplicable spending.

The term “Hungry Ghost” refers to the need for these ghosts and spirits to be “fed” and appeased in order to avoid the misfortune that follows in their wake, which can leave you with a weak Qi, a decrease in luck, and more.

But all is not lost. There are ways  to avoid the misfortunes and malevolent troubles of Ghost Month.


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What to do and not do
1.)    Be extra vigilant inside and outside your home – it is important to protect the home from evil spirits and from bad luck. Generally, you have to make your home very bright, by keeping lights on especially in corners,  changing the colors of your sheets and curtains to bright “Yang” colors like reds and oranges, and installing Feng Shui charms, especially on your doors.  Both inside and outside your home, trust your inner instincts and gut feelings. If you feel like there is danger abound, avoid the area. If you feel like a spirit is near you, command them to go away and begin praying. As well, avoid doing activities at night, if possible.

2.)    Avoid doing major personal and financial changes – don’t open a new business, don’t get married, don’t engage in a new relationship, don’t do major home renovations, don’t make big purchases like real estate and automobiles, don’t start a new huge project, don’t take long trips abroad or within the country, don’t throw major parties. All of these things will attract the attention of the Hungry Ghosts, who will be jealous, and cause them to ruin your efforts and bring you misfortune.

3.)    Provide offerings, or place wards – most of the ghosts that arise during Hungry Ghost Month are not really demonic in nature, but rather, human ghosts who have not passed on and simply are angry and jealous of the living. They can be appeased with offerings of incense to keep them calm, with the incense offering ritual being a very powerful way to remove the misfortune and bad luck caused by the hungry ghosts. It is advised that this be done as often as possible, usually around dusk before night settles in. Red lanterns are also advised as wards to keep the hungry ghosts at bay, and are placed outside the house near doorways and windows. In terms of the physical misfortunes brought by the month, it is important to reinforce the locks on doors and windows, replace fading lights on the porch, and make sure that any back or side entrances are properly secure. 

And one last thing. If you encounter other people’s offerings or wards, don’t make negative comments about them, as the hungry ghosts may take offense!

Remember these things, and stay safe during Hungry Ghost Month. And another way to stay  safe during Ghost Month is to increase your luck, which is what this binaural beats track for luck does!



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