Group Meditation Is The Untapped Team Building Activity To Increase Productivity

It has been shown that meditation can improve business productivity, as we discussed in a previous blog post. This is done by decreasing stress, improving focus, and relaxing the mind and body so they can be rejuvenated. But what is done individually, by business owners, executives, managers, and employees, to improve their productivity, can also be done in a group, which will have a different dynamic, but increase the benefits even more.
Why a group?
There is a saying. “Surround yourself with people with the same goals as you.” This is because any activity done in a group that is able to support one another, through their actions and energies, yields more results. Just like an ant trying to lift a rock alone, versus a group of ants working in unison to lift the same rock.
But you might be asking: meditation is not a physical activity, so how will doing it in a group give better results?



Have you ever gone to a concert, or a sporting event, and every time the band plays a really good song, or your home team scores a critical shot, you feel uplifted by the sheer energy of the crowd? Many people refer to this as the “electricity” of the crowd, or the “vibe” of the crowd, just making the experience all the more amplified, versus watching the concert or the game at home alone.
The same principles apply with group meditation. When you're with the group, with the same goals, the same purpose, you will feel the vibrations from the crowd amplify your own, and improving the experience. Not only that, doing it with the group let's you share the experience with them, which results in a better bond forming with the people involved. And it is this that can improve your business and take it to the next level.
How to set a group meditation session
The first thing that needs to be done is to determine a suitable size for the group, and the right venue for them. If the group is too small, then the meditation session might not be amplified enough. Too big, and it can be difficult to conduct and control, especially if there are members who might not be there for the right reasons.
A good way is this: if you or the company you work for is small, around 15-20 people, include everyone. If it is big, meditation groups can be the employee teams themselves, with the team leader or manager being the meditation conductor.
A small business, like a cafe or a restaurant, can use the main floor venue as the meditation area by pushing aside the chairs and tables and making enough space. Not only does this save money and time, it also gives the staff the idea that their own place of work is not just for work, but can be a place of sanctuary and peace, a place to call home if need be. If it is a big company, a conference room can be used. In fact, it is highly advisable for businesses that will regularly use meditation to devote a room specifically for meditation, where individuals or groups can go to and just meditate.
Next step is to decide on a goal. Is the meditation to simply provide relaxation? Is it to focus on a particular goal? Is it to promote inter-personal dynamics? Is it to be introspective in order to be a better employee and team member? This will also determine which kind of meditation for business you can use for your session.
Once the goal is set up, determine who will lead the meditation session. As a business owner, manager, or team leader, it is good if you know how to meditate, as this will help in leading a group meditation session. As an employee, you can volunteer to take the lead and show initiative even if your position is not the highest in the team or company. Just be sure that whoever will lead the group meditation has experience in meditation.
Finally, invite the people who will be involved ahead of time, explaining the details of the meditation session, and to make sure they arrive prepared (perhaps they will need their own cushion or have not done meditation before; include a primer in the email, like a short description of what it is.) This will make sure that they enter the venue with the right idea in mind, and not be surprised or taken aback by what they will see.
From there, conducting the meditation is very similar to the steps of the different kinds of meditation for business, or any meditation method you choose. Set up each employee's space, give a brief and solemn talk about the purpose of the session, and then begin. One is leading the actions, like calling for proper inhales and exhales at the properly timed cues, or leading the mantra for the group to follow.


Meditation in a quiet place is good, but adding a speaker system to play a binaural beats track for meditation can also increase the meditation's potency. Listen to this binaural beats meditation track for motivation and success and give it a try on your next meditation session! 


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