Essential Elements to Raising Our Vibration

Every day we are in situations where we can either raise or lower our vibration. People that we talk to, moments that we have, all give us a choice and we can choose to rise to everything or let our emotions get washed away with us. 
When we allow our vibration to lower we can feel drained and ultimately, we are totally pinched off from our source. This comes across to us by feeling a negative emotion tell us that we are getting further and further away from that source. Positive emotions, on the other hand, tell us how close we are and connected we are to it. 



Raising our vibration 
There are many ways in which we can keep our vibrations high. Some are the same for all of us and others are very personal. Firstly, keeping active keeps us vibrating highly. If we can get outside every day and go for a walk it will certainly help to raise our vibration and keep it there- this is the reason so many people enjoy a morning jog. 
Eating plenty of high vibrational food also makes a difference. We naturally feel better in ourselves when we eat our fruits and vegetables. What some do not realize is that it is because it is raising our vibration. When we eat foods with preservatives and chemicals it can leave us feeling physically drained and not ourselves. This is because they have low vibrations or no vibrations at all which gives our body no benefit. Also, drink plenty of water. Better yet, bathe in it, swim in it and shower in it. Water is a natural element that raises vibrations. 

Meditating and finding peace in the day releases any resistance we have on what runs through our mind. We can lay down and do this, we can sit up or we can even do it in traffic. Closing the mind off for a few minutes every day will allow our vibrations to lift. 
Music inspires us and lifts us. We can feel this when we hear a great song on the radio and we instantly feel better for hearing it. Playing our favorite songs and enjoying the moment is another element to raising our vibration. 

"The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime.” 
-Sogyal Rinpoche 

Having a high vibration is one of the most important things we can do within our lives as it brings peace, allows us to work with our spirit guides and connects us to source. When we are in a high vibration, everything in our lives rises too. We can help more people when we are feeling this way and life simply flows as it should. We cannot expect to feel a high frequency all the time because if we did, we would not be learning anything so we should not beat ourselves up when we have a bad day- we can learn a lot from this day. When we do have these bad days though we can choose our next step. We can choose to get lost in it or we can try to lift ourselves back up. The elements above are all great ways to do this and they are all so easy. Listening to our favorite music, taking a bath and just taking time out to relax are all steps in the right direction to reaching your highest frequency. 

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