Discovering Your Purpose In Life

We all have a purpose. We are all here for a reason. We are all intertwined, connected spiritually, and working amongst each other for our own divine creation. When we meet someone, they teach us something, when we go through something, we learn something- it is all part of our journey as souls to lead us to our purpose. 
We all have urges to do things, to go places and to meet people. Some of us listen to these urges, and others do not, but there is definitely something to be said for taking a leap of faith and going with our impulses. These impulses are one with God, our source, our inner being, or whatever we refer to it as. It is this source that is telling us what to do and where to go. Even if the urge is small, they are like bricks. If we follow these urges, we can build houses. 



The fear of following our impulses 
Our purpose in life is within us all and it is the allowing of it that creates total abundance. We all have our talents. Some can paint, some can sing, some can write, some can talk, we all have the ability to inspire from our own divinity, so what stops us? 

When you stay on purpose and refuse to be discouraged by fear, you align with the infinite self, in which all possibilities exist.
- Wayne Dyer 

Power Quadrant System / Decoding Your True Identity

By making a move, one that is without reason to anyone else can lead to something spectacular. Some must learn to not care for the opinions of others and some must learn to not be afraid of their own selves so that when we are inspired by a great purpose, everything will begin to click into place and work out for us. We will be guided by the best teachers, to the best places for the best reasons, without exception, and suddenly, the risk is gone. The more we travel through the journey of our bliss, the more we will feel connected with our inner being or our spirit. 
Every worry that we once had, whether it be financial, job security, a safe place, will slowly fall away and be provided to us in a way that was once unimaginable to us. We will be taken great care of if we follow our inspiration because by following our spirit is to be followed by all good energy and forces within our universe; we are cushioned. The universe will naturally protect us as we follow our bliss. The more we choose to ignore this, for whatever reason, the more unhappy we become. It is the feeling of disconnect. If we follow our bliss, the light will be turned on for us all the way. When we follow the light, we will reach our higher selves. We are all put on this earth to do great things and to be great, and the feeling of not following your divinity is far worse - in my opinion - than taking a leap of faith into the unknown to see what is in store. 

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Healing Music 963Hz "Ethereal Oneness" - Solfeggio Meditation Series 
The Solfeggio 963 is one of the ancient healing tones that symbolizes and connects into oneness, divinity and spiritual connection. This tone triggers an awakening into the individual’s ethereal essence and experience our true nature which is made of energy and vibration. Using brainwave entrainment frequencies that range from 3.5Hz to 10Hz, these can give the effects of intuition, deep meditation, creative insight, inter-awareness of self and purpose and spiritual wisdom. It can also give a sense of liberation and transcendence. Use this daily for balance of strength and peace, and to open the self more to love, compassion, and activate the pineal gland. Listen with headphones and keep the volume levels at a comfortable low setting.


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