Consciousness Evolution: The Dawn Of A New Age Of Humanity

Consciousness, many believe, is a big part of what defines us as the human race. We are awake and aware of our surroundings, other living beings, and most importantly, ourselves. It is part of our growth, and as we change, so too does our consciousness. But is it possible that our consciousness is set to take a great leap forward, just as how humanity had done so numerous times since the first people walked the Earth?

Evolution is part of life

All forms of life evolve, including humans. Since the formation of the first single celled organisms, life had slowly changed, creating the plethora of creatures we know today, as well as us. But it is not simply a physical evolution; the way creatures think, in particular, humans, also changed, bringing forth the first sparks of consciousness.

Many experts speculate that consciousness first came to being over 350 million years ago, when early life forms of our primordial seas began to develop highly reactive nervous systems to survive. These nervous systems, over millions of years, grew to become not just creative, but also intuitive, and eventually, creative, as the early humans stepped out of being simple bipedal creatures to bipedal creatures who could “think” and “create”; being conscious of the environment, its dangers, and its potentials, the earliest humans created tools, founded communities, and shaped each other through the way they think.



Bruce Bridgeman wrote in 1992 that “Consciousness is the operation of the plan-executing mechanism, enabling behavior to be driven by plans rather than immediate environmental contingencies.” Of which the human consciousness is the highest, at least on this planet.

In short, we are not helplessly bound by how nature dictated our bodies should work.

The Global Consciousness

Part of the evolution of consciousness is the realization and awakening of the global consciousness, which is perhaps the last stage of the consciousness evolution before we truly evolve into the next level. The Global Consciousness theory states that when human consciousness becomes awakened and coherent, what is supposed to be random events in the world change, and is affected by the synchronization of the feelings and thoughts of millions of people. It is the idea that there is an emerging unifying field of consciousness that has been foretold by shamans and sages of different cultures from history up to now.

It supposes that we are all connected to a unifying consciousness, or the Consensus, just like how brain cells are connected to each other with electrical connections to make the brain work as a whole unit. Many experiments from the past have been done to prove this “consciousness connection”, with many pointing to the inherent psychic connection of twins to each other; many twins finish each other’s sentences, can physically feel what another feels even when apart, and even lead virtually exactly the same lives –same job, same interests, same appearance in clothing- despite being separated since birth and not knowing the existence of the other.

The theory supposes that we are all capable of this, being part of the Consensus. And when the entire human race is connected and awakened, and moves as a single unit, we are capable of great change, which affects not just our physical world, but also our collective consciousness.
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What is next?

In reality, nobody knows! Theories range from simple and practical to truly pushing the envelope of what we can accept as possible. Simple and practical results include finally achieving world peace as being part of an awakened network of consciousness means understanding and tolerance becomes natural, and not learned, as well as thinking as a united race to make great advancements in science.

More esoteric groups and beliefs state that once the global consciousness becomes realized, and the Consensus reaches its zenith, an event called “The Ascension” will awaken the truest potential of the human race, giving the ability to do everything from project consciousness similar to astral projecting while awake, to bending reality and conjuring things from virtually nothing. Signs of this come from the fact that “bending” reality is actually possible already, albeit in a more subtle form. Everything a person puts energy into, creates situations in life that brings events, things, and people to suit it. Consciously changing thoughts and emotions towards this goal would bring about change for their lives. With a higher level of consciousness, this becomes much more literal.

And finally, our consciousness evolution will make the human race, and even planet earth, transcend existing reality and into another, perhaps alongside other races that have attained higher levels of consciousness as well. 

Attaining higher consciousness individually helps humanity

The challenge to reach the next evolution of human consciousness is to strive to achieve it ourselves. This is done by striving to do the following steps:

1.)    Be yourself as much as you can. No matter how appealing it might be to be someone else, be true to yourself.

2.)    Be in touch with your emotions. Allow your feelings to express themselves.

3.)    Don’t let others define you.

4.)    Introspect. Take time to know yourself better.

5.)    Do what makes you happy and make you able to love yourself. Doing this will help you make others happy, and love others better.

To help you do these things, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, and other spiritual or religious practices can help. We at Brainwave Power Music are doing what we can to try and help nudge our consciousness forward by creating tracks that can help, which is also our expression of our emotions and what makes us happy. Like this track specifically to help awaken the consciousness.


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